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The problem of TTP-243E Plus
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1, always jump red light?
Above all whether does the waste time that you want to decide you just have outfit is right;
You can press FEED key to switch on the mobile phone, if the machine can be printed,go out leave factory setting, that can judge a machine to be not had basically hinder greatly;
If be the paper that traded different specifications, had better do next paper desired result (press PAUSE to switch on the mobile phone, take paper unlock) .

2, cannot be Tsc243e-plus correct drive printed?
1, press Feed key to switch on the mobile phone those who print is self check information, enter error correction mode, right now the label that print can print a code. If want to be printed normally, switch on the mobile phone afresh please.
2, whether is there the document that did not print in the TTP-243E Plus that examines printer and fax please, if have, be deleted please and start computer afresh

3, is ERR bright all the time red light?
The likelihood is to have the following reason:
1, the machine did not measure paper correctly, do the means that presses Pause key to switch on the mobile phone to measure paper please
2, the real volume of tagboard arrives without proper setting in software, label of the setting in affirming software please is wide is same
3, feeling measure implement the type did not choose correctly, whether is affirming your tagboard is please span, black mark, successive perhaps paper, choose corresponding sense to measure next implement

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