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Know again to what cash register classifies
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Come for years, it is foreign product basically is holding market of domestic cash register all the time, people also is used to reason be opposite according to abroad the classified means of cash register product, cash register cent is 2 kinds of a kind of machine, machine and 3 kinds of machine 3 sort. Commonly the hardware configuration with cash register and couplet net function are classified basis method of this kind of classification. Tell specificly, a kind of machine is to point to commonly be based on sheet piece machine technology, introduce printer of print wheel type (cannot print character) , cannot outside receive all sorts of peripheral (wait like printer of equipment of bill printer, bar code scanning, kitchen) , cannot mix with other cash register; 2 kinds of machine are to point to commonly be based on sheet piece machine technology, use needle formula or heat quick printer (can print character or icon) , can join at least one kind of peripheral, can mix with other cash register the cash register of news report of computer couplet network; Generally refer to of 3 kinds of machine is based on common computer technology (PC-BASE) , use needle formula or heat quick printer, can outside receive all sorts of peripheral, can mix with other cash register the computer the cash register of real time communication. One, 2 kinds of machine abbreviation ECR, POS of abbreviation of 3 kinds of machine.
After 1995, with the bitter fleabane of cash register market as business suddenly develops, more and more domestic and international manufacturer begin to enter market of domestic cash register. Because many manufacturer understand the demand of domestic user relatively, development went a series of more the cash register of demand of user of home of press close to, if introduced heat quick and stylus printer generally in order to print Chinese, add install special unit to wait in order to get used to the special demand of duty Wu branch. In the meantime, as the development of science and technology, odd the performance level of machine and a PC is higher and higher, the technical difficulty that realizes function of a few complex commerce and cost are lower and lower also. Above these metabolic circumstances, make reoccupy one, 2, 3 kinds classification method will distinguish at present when type of market main trend, appear increasingly ambiguous with misgivings.
2000, supervisory bureau of national quality technology is made issued " electronic cash register is general and normative " (GB/T18240-2000) . This normative basis the technology of cash register is characteristic, cash register cent is common model electronic cash register, online model cash register of electronic cash register, personal computer electron, duty accuses electronic cash register 4 types.
   To above the specific definition of 4 kinds of cash register is as follows:
Common model electronic cash register (Ordinary ECR) : It is to point to can undertake in gathering exercise amount management and commodity dog electronic cash register of management. Its are basic the characteristic is not to have couplet net function.
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