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Does form code machine imprint the life that expresses a head how long?
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Basically of form code machine imprint the life that express a head is not come with the accident of time calculative. Come in order to print length however calculative, the kilometer number that resembles a car a bit is same. Imprint commonly the normal service life that expresses a head is 30km~50km about, can that imprint after all how many mark?
E.g. : Roll elevation 3cm= is made an appointment with 1.66 million 1000 pieces 6, but lettering head also is to need those who take care of to maintain as car engine same, and head of lettering of harm of the directest meeting, shorten of lettering head life is belt of a mark, carbon. Because these bad news capable person are contacted with lettering head directly, the benzine that resembles a car is same. The quality requirement because of material of this pair of bad news, can not evaluate with the price only absolutely. Hurt costly lettering head to the loss outweights the gain then because of a cheap mark otherwise. Have one dimension to be a mark with 4cm wide high X3cm, the life that hypothesis lettering head grows with 50km is calculated (50km=5000000cm) gets one result following 5000000 centimeter.

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