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What is data of batch processing type is collected implement?
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If tiring-room system does not seek the real time data of the spot, the data when and field work also does not want trying tiring-room fact and real time are how-to, data of shift of batch processing mood collects a system is the step with the significant economy that suits quite.
Terminal of data of batch processing type uses a palm to go up model or handle structure, it is Windows CE operating system commonly, configuration Flash memory makes process of system, BIOS, application and data storage with do exercise, RAM regards a system as operation and storage of fictitious disk data. Knowledge of scanning of gather bar code is read, light and data processing, agile wait for a characteristic with hard usage, fit all sorts of industrial application environments. Terminal of batch processing data has serial communication interface, passing communication base and tiring-room application commonly is data of the unified trade that approve the ground. Before the job begins, can apply a system to download requires basic data with file means to data terminal by tiring-room; After the job is finished, upload result data to use a system to tiring-room with file means again, update a database according to need next. (Data of batch processing type is collected implement the introduction)

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