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Coding of bar code scanner and interface introduce
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Although differ,every kinds of reader reads the kind of bar code, but final result is change message translate into of then of signal of amount to word to be able to be known read or as compatible as the computer data, this should take oneself through reader or the coding software in a between reader and lead plane separate facility is finished, encoder has bar code discriminating and try to distinguish, upload host computer next.
Upload data need and lead plane to undertake join or interface, each interface should have two different layers: A layer that is physics (hardware) , another is logistic layer, point to communication agreement namely. Commonly used interface means has: Clavier mouth, string together a direct perhaps link. When means of use clavier interface, the data of the bar code symbol that reader place comes out is considered as the data that the clavier place of oneself issues by PC or terminal, in the meantime, their clavier also can develop all functions. Should use rate of clavier mouth connective too slow, or when other interface means is not usable, we will use means of the connective that string together a mouth. Direct link has two kinds of meanings here, one kind shows reader does not need adscititious coding equipment to output data to lead plane directly, another kind of data after pointing to coding does not pass clavier to join leader directly. A few commonly used term double interface (Dual Interface) : Point to the equipment that reader can join two kinds differ directly, undertake configuration and terminal of avery kind of correspond automatically, for example: A CCD is used at the POS terminal of join IBM by day, and nightly it will join terminal of a portable data is used at commodity check, use inside the double interface function of buy, can make the changeover between two equipment becomes very relaxed. Shine put (Flash Memory) : Shine putting is the chip that does not require power source to be able to save data together, it can be in what finish data for an instant to adapt. The product of Welch Allyn company is used more shine access the PROMs with original generation, make the product is had stronger upgrade ability. HHLC (Hand Held Laser Compatible) : A few encoder is received outside taking the terminal of coding equipment to be able to be used only this kind of means corresponds, the agreement of means of this kind of communication, common says laser is emulated, with encoder of the buy outside be being mixed at join CCD or laser reader. RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) : The peripheral such as the computer and bar code reader, Modem, mouse undertakes serial standard of transmitted a kind of TIA/EIA, RS-232 uses DB-25 of 25 needles outlet or DB-9 of 9 needles outlet normally, the communication distance of RS-232 is in commonly 15.24m less than, if use better cable, communication is apart from can lengthen.
Smooth pen emulates (Wand Emulation) : Smooth pen is when scanning bar code, it sends picture of a number to encoder, when encoder of the buy outside taking the reader join of coding function to go to, will use smooth pen to emulate a form, reader becomes bar code interpret the digital image that is similar to smooth pen to output encoder.
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