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Zebra bowl takes product introduction
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The Z-Band wrist that hospital, fatigue teachs the place such as place, public place of entertainment to use Zebra is brought offer automatic data to collect, in order to raise efficiency and accuracy, the dangerous sex accident that reduces cost to hold high at the same time. Zebra wrist takes series to have the outstanding quality that print, a variety of color code can offer an alternative, can come true safe, accurate patient and client dog.
If you need those who update to facilitate,dog function, can choose area of RFID intelligence wrist, it can undertake reading extraction through the dress and sheet even. If your purpose is to decide wrist takes whether in good condition nondestructive, can choose to use prevent the Z-Band 4000 that steals opened VOID version. The medical treatment that if you hope to accord with,provides in the code such as HIPAA, JCAHO and FDA, privacy and patient safety ask, the Z-Band that can choose to support patient photograph to print heats up quick wrist belt. No matter what you need, z-Band wrist takes series to be able to satisfy your requirement.
The Z-Band Direct that Zebra obtains special honour repeatedly and belt of wrist of Z-Band QuickClip patient use the our new coat that fight bacterium, this technology is in at present patent application. This kind of extra covering layer is offerred solely by Zebra, can help a hospital prevent patient infection, enhance the patient's security. The test makes clear as a result, this coating can eliminate bacili of coccus of golden yellow grape, green pus and coliform organisms effectively, they are the United States 3 kinds of bacterias with the mainest infection are brought about in the hospital.

Include in compatible printer list mix at present already the printer of stop production. Click printer name to be able to know more and detailed information (be confined to current printer) .

Product group Product description Facestock material Label type Z-Band Direct wrist takes this heat quick advanced wrist belt can offer automatic ID test and verify for the hospital. Accord with requirement of FDA, HIPAA, JCAHO. Use UV varnish. Polypropylene is hot quick the heat that belt of Z-Band QuickClip wrist uses colour to code clip closes quick wrist belt, use at accurate patient to identify the client admittance with public place of entertainment. Is polypropylene hot quick Z-Band? 4000 is heated up this turn imprint the agglutinate that polyester wrist belt uses facilitating glove to use closes, be able to bear or endure caustic of smeary, wear-resisting. Without emulsion, can prevent steal open. Polyester heat turns imprint Z-Band Void wrist takes those who have special VOID character to prevent steal the belt that open wrist, can enhance security. Offer the outstanding quality that print, can undertake accurate identifying to patient and client. Polyester is hot turn imprint
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