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Zebra Z4M printer uses manual
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One, parameter of printer of Zebra Z4M bar code explains

Printer of industrial level bar code, strong and durable die-casting metal crust

Powerful real time joins, outstanding compatibility, low price

Get used to the need that industrial spot uses, contented industry is high quality printed requirement

Detailed parameter
Printer norms:

The means that print: Heat turns imprint / heat quick means
The resolution that print: 203dpi (8 is nodded / 300dp(12 nods Mm) / / Mm)
The biggest width that print: 104mm(z4m) / 168mm(z6m)
The biggest length that print: Memory of standard of 2667mm(203dpi) / 1245mm(300dpi)
The speed that print: 254mm/ second (152mm/ second of 203dpi) / (300dpi)
Physical character:

Z4m: Wide 278 millimeter × grows 475 millimeter × tall 338 millimeter
Z6m: Wide 341 millimeter × grows 475 millimeter × tall 338 millimeter
Suttle: 15 kilograms (Z4m) / 16 kilograms (Z6m)
Structure: Complete metal structure
Item characteristics:

Standard memory: 4MB DRAM (2MB user is used)
32 RISC microprocessor
The E3 of Zebra prints component to control a technology
Penetrable type sensor measures paper automatically
Attestation: UL 1950; CISPR 22 (Class B) ; IEC 950; 801-2, - 3 And -4Standards; Canadian Doc. (Class A) ; FCC (Class B) ; CE Compliance
Anthology match: Upgrade to 2MB FLASH memory or upgrade to 8MB FLASH through PCMCIA card
Software: ZPL II programming language
Form code:

One dimension bar code: Code 11, UPC-A, UPC-E, industrial 2 Of 5, code 39,
EAN-8, EAN-13, LOGMARS, code 93, plessey, postnet,
Code 128 With Subsets A/B/C And UCC Case Codes, interleaved 2 Of 5,
EAN And UPC With 2 Or 5 Digit Supplements, codabar, standard2 Of 5,
2 dimension bar code: CODABLOCK, PDF417, code 49, maxi Code,
Data Matrix, QR Code
Use environment:

Operate temperature: 5 ℃ - 40 ℃ operate humidity: 20%-85%
Storage temperature: - 40 ℃ - humidity of 60 ℃ memory: 5%-85%
Other parameter:
Electric parameter: Inside buy changes   of power source 90V-265V automatically 48-62Hz is the biggest voltaic 5A
Communication interface: RS232/422/485 interface reachs a level and mouth; IEEE1284 two-way and the mouth allows and mouth
Width: 25.4 millimeter - 114 millimeter
Length: The biggest: 991 millimeter
The smallest: Tear off means - 16mm; Come off means - 25mm; Cutting tool means - 38mm
Type: Successive model, velar cut type, breach, black mark, perforation
The biggest diameter: External diameter 203mm, internal diameter 76mm
Clearance: 2mm-4mm
Ply: 0.058-0.25mm
Carbolic belt:
Standard length: 300m, 450m, offer 2: 1 or 3: 1 label coils
Width: 51-4.311mm
Reel internal diameter: 25mm
Reel is the biggest diameter: 81mm
Scope of application:
Sanitation of carriage commerce medicine is produced / content sheds a government / office
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