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Detector of bar code of C42A high accuracy
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Quality of bar code of C42A new-style high accuracy analyses testing instrument
C42ABar code detectorIt is to have the quality of high accuracy bar code of own intellectual property completely to analyse testing instrument, accord with regulations of calibrating of capacity of nation of People's Republic of China familying livelihood <Bar code detector> > (JJG 979-2003) with level of state of People's Republic of China < < symbol of commodity bar code prints quality examine > > (GB/T 18348-2001) , it is the class A instrument in testing instrument of our country bar code; Can classification according to international bar code check mark allows and traditional check mark gives out definitely overall bar code quality analyses a report.
The application software of detector of C42A bar code is based on Windows to operate platform development, complete Chinese is special bar code detects application software, the complete Chinese that accords with national level detects the report can choose general printer to generate. SBar code detectorC42A Main function detects bar code lacquer original and bar code are printed article, generate bar code quality to detect according to national level and international standard report. Detect code of automatic differentiate bar code is made in the process. Curve of automatic scale reflectivity, write down the biggest reflectivity, the smallest reflectivity with different color mark; Brim contrast; Be short of limit. Reflectivity decides a dot to measure. Install transverse scanning technically to measure platform, assure to finish N second beg all measure (level of according to state, detect to commodity bar code, n=10) when, scanning beam always is in parallel condition. Allow to detect bar code code makes: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, store motion unit bar code, hand in insert 25 bar code, 39 bar code, 128 bar code. Detect application software complete Chinese; Detect report complete Chinese; Detect the file format of data can be changed. Changeover examines bar code to detect integratedly result and detect for nothing data. Allow to choose general printer to generate bar code to detect report. Technical index measures illuminant: 10nm of wavelengh 670nm ± measures bore diameter: 5 kinds measure bore diameter to divide shelf adjustable, 0.025mm (1mil slit) , 0.076mm (3mil) , 0.152mm (6mil) , 0. 254mm (10mil) , 0.508mm (20mil) resolution: 0.1um inaccuracy spends surely: Bar code prints the 2.0um that taste ± ; Bar code of 1.0um of ± of bar code lacquer original is printed article, empty width measures stability: ± 1.0um bar code is printed article, empty width measures repeatability: 1.0um reflectivity measures stability: ± 1% reflectivity measures repeatability: 1% reflectivity measures indication error: ± 2% is fore-and-aft measure workbench effective job limits: 196 Mm is transverse measure workbench effective job limits: The biggest length that 18 Mm allows to measure bar code (contain bar code clear area) : 196 Mm allows to measure the biggest thickness of bar code sample: 6 Mm uses an environment: Temperature 2 ℃ of 20 ℃ ± ; Relative humidity 40% , 60% bar code detects application software runs an environment: WIN98/2000/XP power source: Over all dimension of 10% /50Hz of AC 220V ± :
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