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Blue tooth piles up scanning pen to introduce without line
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If you need to collect bar code data, but do not think again and mobile computer or it is table adds fasten to be together, criterion the adoption that Socket rolls out blue tooth is wireless of the technologyBlue tooth piles up scanning pen without lineCan satisfy your need fitly. Equipment of such an innovation sex, the scanning might engine of bar code laser and blue tooth are wireless those who transmit is convenient sexual union exceeds light fixture to go up in. And thisPen of blue tooth scanningThe design is clever, accord with human body labour to learn a principle, feel is comfortable, fasten you truly admire in the heart anthology!

Wireless technology changed blue tooth between equipment the means of interconnection, blue tooth technology can offer new join property to go to the lavatory to cooperate to use with other equipment for your mobile computer. Means of this kind of join need not wire cable, also do not need bored abrupt the antenna that come out. The pen of scanning of wireless bar code of Sockets Cordless Hand Scanner (electromagnetic wave of 1 CHS) use power is mighty kind of blue teeth, pens of such your blue tooth scanning can be mixed be in between notebook computer or table machine the distance of utmost maintains link inside limits, 2 kinds of when although your scanning pen is,lose a bit with power blue tooth electromagnetic wave (a lot of shift calculate what equipment uses or 2 kinds of blue teeth.

Bar code scanning is the most efficient way in inputting data computer. If need the data that key in,be bar code data, the rate that uses laser scanner to be keyed in than handiwork is 50 times quicker, accurate 10, 000 times. Wireless scanning pen offers this blue tooth 1 kind is mixed the scanner of 2 kinds of laser that takes ambiguous intelligence to identify chooses for the client. The laser scanning pen that uses 2 kinds to take ambiguous intelligence to identify a function, can read a few damaged and presswork the bar code with very poor quality. Used the pen of bar code scanning of 2 kinds of laser, applicable at more specific situation, scan in the environment outdoor for instance, perhaps need penetrable Mylar or the situation that are glass.

#8482; of Mobility Friendly & exceeds the design that omit report
This belt blue tooth is wireless of transmission functionPen of bar code scanningUse least phone, need not charge repeatedly can use several hours. The SocketScan & #8482; that gives along with scanning pen can guide the data of scanning directly aleatoric Windows, in Palm or Symbian application process, resembling is manual those who key in is same. Additional, the blue tooth technology of the extremely rich great reputation of Socket, also make the link that should be built between lead plane of pen of blue tooth scanning and computer and maintains stability, become very easy.
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