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The informatization collect of manufacturing industry enterprise is debatable
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The management of manufacturing industry enterprise involves an area wide, informatization builds the application that involves system of many soft, hardware. Much system is solved to coexist in manufacturing industry enterprise. Data is exchanged each other between the system and be being shared is enterprise informatization compositive the biggest question. Do coexistence of a lot of system and data to flow. The significant control that seizes according to enterprise logarithm is OK the functional module from overlay is divisional and important with secondary. Go up from business and undertake on the function compositive. Change module of function of part of one part system infirmly, aggrandizement module of function of part of another part system. Solve compositive data is shared and access.
The first, as a result of historical reason, often use the product of many manufacturers at the same time in enterprise of a manufacturing industry, return the software that some enterprises develop independently;
The 2nd, the solution that returns neither one manufacturer at present can cover an industry all flow;
The 3rd, stem from commercial purpose, the manufacturer often is not willing to make public the structure of file of oneself product data and database completely;
The 4th, the compositive problem that the enterprise is facing pair of different information systems in annex, bought process.
Accordingly, manufacturing industry enterprise is put generally in information Gu island, between a lot of systems cannot compositive, cause much information to need to repeat type, reduced the use efficiency of information system greatly, restricted the play of effectiveness of whole of business information system badly.
Can say, information Gu island already became the vital issue that restricts manufacturing industry informatization to develop to depth. If the enterprise cannot solve problem of information Gu island truly, informatization builds very difficult success. Accordingly, manufacturing industry enterprise pays close attention to very how to eliminate already had information Gu island, implementation information is compositive, avoid to produce the problem such as new information Gu island.
Information is compositive it is a very complex issue, involve the following aspect:
1.Of system of the information between system of enterprise interior information and enterprise compositive, those who be like platform of ERP and CRM and SCM and electronic business affairs is compositive.
2.The data between the system of different brand is changed, if differ,the data between CAD system is changed.
3.Enterprise interior is different between information system compositive, those who be like PDM and ERP is compositive, of the compositive, CAD of the compositive, CAD of PDM and CAD, PDM and CAPP and CAPP and CAM system compositive wait, what the compositive, ERP of ERP and MES and project manage compositive, ERP of the system and OA is compositive wait.
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