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Label of understanding bar code and system are compositive
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The importance of bar code
Since bar code issue today, had had 20 old histories, our country introduces bar code the earliest when can say or producing a product for Euramerican enterprise must the standard that client of according to abroad asks will make bar code. 10 old before, the bar code market of our country begins to start, the making development that blocks from card arrives today almost all commodity need bar code. We can say, bar code is the Id of commodity, the commodity that does not have Id lives in the market hard.
The bar code previously, be passivity only normally be stuck on commodity, use at most at large supermarket settle accounts, today, people uses bar code to had developed higher administrative levels. Use bar code, we can see, be in the library, use bar code the time of OK and managing processing, in the public security bureau of certain place, the designation that 2 dimension bar code can regard a record as a large number of data is used at population of temporary residence permit to manage, inside the management of the factory, more it is to be used in control of hair makings management, flow control, inventory to wait a moment.
To the factory, if introduce to be able to know other system automatically on product line, of cost lowest do not need 100 thousand yuan to be able to be built, but because of this pilot stock is wasteful, prevented inventory check error to wait a moment, its benefit will very fast get reclaiming. Now, be in advanced factory, especially the large plant of advanced country, used these to identify a technology automatically almost, raised administrative level further, reduce a lot of cost.
Current, what identify a system because external environment is right automatically is ceaseless and elevatory, content of requirement bar code can bigger save information, 2 dimension bar code because this emerge as the times require, if you want to have farther knowledge to 2 dimension bar code, welcome to be contacted with us, we will give you more applied data.
Bar code scanning and scanning gun and data are collected implement
Bar code is printed after coming out, need to read namely next, choose to read bar code equipment suitably, it is euqally important to choose a printer together, generally speaking, the cost of bar code reader of one dimension bar code is quite cheap, about 500 yuan want to be able to be bought only on the market normally, if be 2 dimension bar code, the price goes to 3000 yuan in 2000 yuan about between, the scanning equipment of some laser form can fall in remote circumstance read take bar code, still master in a few a few manufacturers of abroad because of main technique nevertheless, the price is quite high. In fact, the scanning gun that uses traditional formula will scan, it is to be on speed and distance no matter, its function won't be defeated by laser scanning gun.
Praise the inventory management of many plant management and supermarket, ask to be able to be being read take commodity (bar code) data while, the computer data that rise and has merchandise data is amalgamative and timely processing, let a client can obtain newest data in time, had data to collect then implement (machine of dot of common the pan of a steelyard) . E.g. , the storehouse administrator of a certain large supermarket, should hold a data to collect only implement, after entering storeroom and market, read to the bar code of commodity on the spot, cooperate wireless transmission technology, its computer center can get instantly newest now and it is instant reserve data. A data is collected implement the price is far apart, from the cheapest 6000 multivariate go to more than 10000 yuan to have, need to inspect the client's demand and be decided.
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