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The application of encode and mark is shallow talk
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The at a tremendous pace of development it may be said of encode and mark technology. The applied limits of new software already expanded to suit to all sorts of label are designed and presswork use; And go up in filmy laser encode, also have revolutionary development.

No matter the packing heal of the product how close together, fill up how the term of service of accurate, product, carriage respect and design consideration how complete, the encode that wants a product only cannot be read admit, before result all abandon. Accordingly, ensure pack presswork quality (especially of form code presswork quality) ability appears very important. Because shopkeeper is driven energetically, add the drive of other link in be supplied chain oneself, imprint the applied face that sticks label expands increasingly rise.

Supplier of Home Ceng Youyi is mentioned, "Can tracking a gender is to show the time that packs to the product and place undertake dogging accurately recording, its advantage already won consensus. In addition, the event of panic of food sanitation safety that produces from time to tome, make the look central issue that tracks the pertinent question of product attribute to become the public figure inside course of study. Make the look central issue that tracks the pertinent question of product attribute to become the public figure inside course of study..

If information of goods lot control is accurate perfect, can examine product record successfully so, keep apart the product that gets pollution instantly, and the safety of the congener product that need not worry about other batch suffers menace. The executive trustee Mike Cooper of Pago of manufacturer of the equipment that stick label expresses: "We are noticing, the supermarket is stricter and stricter to the requirement of real time data, the way that increasing production business considers to be stuck through imprinting will obtain real time manufacturing data. Accordingly, manufacturer incline to manages at building complete data and network system.

Code information just is not consumer place to use, it also applies at whole factory to count the manufacturing government that seize in real time, the add beneficial result that its produce cannot small inspect. The number pressworks the proportion that the system takes unit of this kind of new-style code is very large. Once enter a system, information can be shared by other and online equipment on the network.

As all these advantages are being known by people place gradually, the user is right the demand of the facility that has operating on a series of material and container also increases continuously.

As to cost cost, stick automatically imprint because the system has the agile, advantage that reduces stock cost and replacing imprint beforehand label system. If expand further,stick imprint applied limits of the system, to having the supplier of a lot of different region markets that often change for, this kind of system is OK and managing charge.
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