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The accurate knowledge that form code uses and presswork control essentials
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Often need to presswork on product of paper box, carton a form code, this is a printer that flow of goods must ask art. Form code calls line the code again or abbreviation is bar code, it is a kind of commonly used commodity packs label, can say the Id that is commodity. Pass it to be able to reflect an a lot of information, the information such as date of name of the manufacturing country that is like commodity, production manufacturer, commodity, birth, make its are since the production of commodity, sale, keep in storage and examination respect to main effect. Form code is used extensively on the product such as all sorts of container packing, brand, make the tie that communicates connection. So, understand and master a form code to presswork, a certain number of use engineering technology, raise a form code presswork quality, have very important sense.
Be opposite the understanding that the structure of a form code and knowledge read a principle
Form code is by width different, reflectivity differs and empty, according to certain encode regulation (the code is made) weave, in order to conveys the graphical identifier of a group of numbers or alphabetical symbol information. Namely form code is a group of degree of finish differ, arrange the parallel lines graph of span according to certain regulation, a common form yard be differ by reflectivity very big black (abbreviation) and white (abbreviation is empty) of composition, imprint on commodity normally or wrap mount, can replace all sorts of character news, can numerate through photoelectricity device, read access to occupy at any time. System of EAN bar code is read by knowledge of itself of bar code symbol, bar code, interface and computer composition, the input of news of the goods that finish and output. Bar code knows read sign to have two kinds, bar code symbol is rectangular line graph, the information of optical scanner numerates system, basically be opposite namely these bar code symbols undertake read and be mixinged discriminating. And digit date is the number outside line and letter, include 0, 9 numbers, a, Z letter, can identify for naked eye place directly, general from 8, 16, the code makes different digit different also. The meaning that the permutation of form yard lines, width and line number use manufacturer proper motion to set by each and the decision codes. General in its two end all have only then read the sign that reads eventually, some still imprints below line word of know exactly about sth, can identify directly or read with optical character take machine unscramble, also can undertake commodity computation, statistic and government work consequently. The knowledge of bar code system reads function how, that is to say bar code system whether use normally, basically depend on systematic knowledge reads ability and bar code presswork quality. Bar code regards a kind of encode as information, it is person and computer communicate a kind of of connection specific language. The line symbol of alternate with of black and white degree of finish in bar code, wide black line serves as in the computer 1, fine black line represents 0, pass logistic changeover, can express as 0, the arabic numerals of 9 and array, accordingly, must want to one kind reads device to cooperate to use ability knowledge to read. Read a system to basically include scanner and encoder. The scanner is the component that contacts bar code to read in signal directly, it is comprised by detector of smooth emitter, photoelectricity and optical lens, can read with splitting speed by the news that form code abbreviate becomes. When scanning, when the beam of light that gives out from smooth emitter is illuminated on bar code, photoelectricity detector basis beam of light from the luminous intensity that come back is reflexed to make a response on form code, sweep when scanning spot when go up to white paper face or be in the blank place between two black lines, reflex is strong, detector exports a big electricity; Come when scanning when black line is medium, reflex is weak, detector outputs small electric current, and wide or basis black line is narrow the response that makes time length differ, as the voltaic signal that the metabolic change of form code light and shade differs for size, go in encoder through be being carried after enlarge. Translate signal into data through encoder, undertake examine and indication locally, mix clavier join and send toward the computer to enter data travel processing. Of form code presswork quality how, matter to whether normal knowledge reads a problem. So, chinese ink color agrees equably, layout is not dirty not burnt, line clarity is not had delimit, it is a form code black-and-white primary quality requirement.
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