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Content sheds bar code fine classification
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Enterprise interior flows in modern other people, it is the encode that will state content sheds a label with bar code symbol normally. This kind of form with bar code symbol is denotive encode, in routine, have the capacity that identifies automatically to the product, make trival before artificial labor turns to identify for automation, make whole thing sheds exercise to achieve fast, accurate result thereby.
The bar code sign that states content sheds a label to code has different code to make, some codes are made can mark only a content, some codes are made can mark a lot of content, the article emphasizes the introduction to be used technically at stating content sheds the bar code of encode to pile up to make, active and general basically have commodity bar code, store motion unit bar code and trade unit wait 128 times.
Commodity bar code
Commodity bar code is the combination of a kind of module that is used at the product code with label universal international bar code. Cent is bar code of standard edition commodity (13) and shorten edition commodity bar code (8) . Place of bar code of standard edition commodity is denotive code is comprised by 13 digit word.
The manufacturer identifies code. By composition of 7-9 digit word, use at the only label to the manufacturer. Manufacturer identifying code is EAN encode organization pile up in EAN distributive prefix (X13X12X11) the code that the manufacturer assigns on the foundation. Prepositive code is the code that label EAN encode organizes, unified managing and allocate by EAN.
Commodity project code. By composition of 5-3 digit word, commodity project code is coded by manufacturer proper motion. When code of project of work out commodity, the uniqueness of the basic principle that the manufacturer must abide by commodity to code and without meaning sex. In EAN system, commodity encode is a kind of shift that identifies commodity merely, is not the method of commodity group.
Desired result code. 1 digit word, with the validity that identifies code and commodity project code at desired result manufacturer. Symbol of bar code of standard edition commodity by left clear area, initial magic figures drawn by Taoist priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune, left data accord with, intermediate separator, on the right side of data accord with, desired result accord with, full stop, on the right side of clear area and for person identifying character is comprised
Store motion unit bar code
Store motion unit bar code is to express technically store a kind of bar code that motion unit codes, this kind of bar code is common use at carrying, storage, in order goods and carrying a process, pack unit to form by the commodity that consumes unit composition commonly. Be in store in motion unit bar code, divide again for ration store carry is unit (consume unit composition by ration store carry is unit) with variable store carry is unit (consume unit composition by variable store carry is unit) .
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