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Our country uses the profit that GS1 system has food safety traces to the source
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Trace to the source systemCan produce a lot of effect. The mainest function is to be in whole supply chain inside, as communication tool and the tool that provide information. These information have very extensive use. In trace to the source in the system, the enterprise can find the germ of the problem and cause through coming to the date from of information, prevent a problem and prevent its to happen again. In be necessary to undertake to the product recall or when recall, also can find through this system already the product of put on sale.
In carry out when tracing to the source, need considers appreciation issue of the system. Trace to the source the system can realize a lot of utility, bring a lot of benefit. The biggest gain that uses GS1 system is the whole world is united, prevented information " Gu island " brought a lot of issue. Still have following profit in addition:

● ensures the product recalls the efficient sex with recall, protect consumer;

The range that ● gets influence product through control and provide date from tool, reduce the undesirable effect of recall of some part product to other and relevant product to the greastest extent. Whole commodity series or brand are opposite recall to be affected financially, with only recall the product with one particular part (for example a certain batch) photograph comparing, put in vast difference;

● passes pair of products to undertake correct depart and clear label, in the process that has product recall, assure to have nothing to do the product is insusceptible;

● is solved the issue that catenary sends poison to food in each link is supplied in food;

● makes food industry capable to decide with recall the likelihood exists in time the product of safe hidden trouble, strengthen the confidence of consumer;

● offers enterprise interior content to spread the pertinent information with quality, improve efficiency;

● founds the feedback loop of information, raise a product to pledge condition of quantity, production is mixed carriage efficiency;

● raises content to shed a process medium diaphaneity, rise supply catenary efficiency, strengthen trade the cooperation between the partner;

The person that ● is expended to enterprise, offset, right the government is examination branch, right finance affairs and technical audit department provide reliable information;

● establishs the responsible mechanism that is aimed at specific issue;

● implementation is mixed to the company / or the protection of the brand.

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