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2 dimension of Data Matrix pile up image processing and application
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Summary: Collect card to be a foundation with image of Meteor II Standard, pile up in order to identify the 2 dimension of Data MATRIX on metallic spare parts for the purpose, undertake handling to photographing the image that collects like the head. Implemented this method in industrial automation line Pi identifies application in real time.

Keyword: 2 dimension pile up Data MATRIX image to handle real time identifying

2 dimension code is the symbol that in plane 2 dimension just record information up. It made full use of the 2 dimension space on plane, promoted information density greatly, make in the encode on small area big data becomes a possibility. Exceed strong error correction capacity as a result of it next, although bedding face accumulates damage also can by accurate identifying. At present 2 dimension code applies at industrial automation, content shedding, postal, medical treatment, commerce, finance, traffic to carry, the domain such as identity identifying, government government, public safety, custom and national defence. Be in our country, the application that 2 dimension pile up still is belonged to start level, applied area and field are quite narrow also. But can foreknow, 2 dimension code is sure to resemble a form each domains that our country is in like the code are popularized and applying with its distinct advantage.

The article collects calorie of Meteor-II Standard through the image of Matrox company, use MIL function library to print the Data MATRIX on metallic spare parts to pneumatic 2 dimension code undertook be catchinged in real time discriminating, undertake to collecting the Data MATRIX image that come specific image is handled, name its to achieve the requirement that is identified. Finally, rise through experimental discussion identify the method of rate.

Graph 1

1Data MATRIX overview

2 dimension code has a variety of kinds, the article discusses matrix type Data MATRIX only.

Data MATRIXThe biggest characteristic is " small " , can code on 25mm2 area 30 numbers, because this is used extensively at small article such as indicative integrated circuit, medicines and chemical reagents. In the process of automation line production of other explicit manufacturing industry, print it is easier also to generate Data MATRIX.

If the graph is shown 1 times, Data MATRIXThe symbol looks like a chess chessboard that by depth two kinds of color comprise, the black of each same size or white pane call unit of a data. Data MATRIX symbol by a lot of such data unit composition. In search border area outer the dead zone that width is unit of a data. Searching border area is " chessboard " attrib border, use at fixed position and the size that define digital unit only, and do not contain any encode information. The data division that the border area that be searched surrounds is containing encode information. In matrix 0, the 1 black and white and dichromatic small pane that is Data MATRIX, namely data unit.
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