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Bar code proof: of bed of Piao of Qian leap up just masts
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Electronic receipt is to be based on the electron of Chinese mobile network to turn an evidence, it is Shanghai the New World-the Americas limited company of science and technology of alar code information and a shift that China moves to be made jointly data business new product, already was moved to include 2 class catalogue item by China. Be in in in mobile and of all kinds file, announcement, electronic receipt also is called " bar code proof " .
Specific for, the specific business information that electronic receipt provides business service business namely or individual identity information add close, work out to become 2 dimension bar code, undertake according to model of mobile phone terminal comfortable after deserving to enclose, send mobile phone terminal through mobile data passageway and show come, consumer depends on the figure of electron of 2 dimension bar code that shows on the mobile phone, terminal is accepted to go up in what serve a room analytic into primary business information, the fast, accurate, effective land that achieves specific business information is delivered, be opposite in order to achieve in different applied domain different object if the objective that flow of data of business data, client, business or link have administrative, prop up the complete implementation of business affairs of of all kinds electron or flow of mobile electron business affairs.
Limited company of science and technology of information of code of ala of Shanghai the New World-the Americas has moved with China, the collaboration that Chinese silver-colored couplet reachs his to apply with respect to electronic receipt product built strategic associate to concern, build remove those who be based on Chinese mobile network " electronic receipt " fundamental application framework, can offer for industry and industry user " shift decides a ticket " , " electronic integral is changed " , " electronic VIP " , " electronic integral is changed " etc " electronic receipt " the solution of application of complete set business of the product and business operation support a service.
2 dimension pile up graphical electron receipt

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