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"Bar code reads equipment current technology standard " summary of standard appl
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Editor's note: The article is " " bar code reads equipment current technology standard " standard application guideline " pick anthology, right " bar code reads equipment current technology standard " medium partial entry tries to explain, among them block letter is " standard " textual, song Tiwei " guideline " corresponding paraphrase.

The standard system of technology of concerned bar code already was formed on international at present, but the level that home reads equipment about bar code or blank. According to this kind of circumstance, china identifies technical association automatically to organize domestic industry to have the enterprise of consequence, user and expert, the research and development that reads equipment in bar code of our country of a large number of investigation, delibrate, make, compositive, pack wait for a circumstance to fall, last a period of time between two years of a long time, made 2006 " bar code reads equipment current technology standard " .
The uses requirement of term, technology, device classification that this standard reads equipment to bar code and experiment method and application undertook elaborating mixing respectively demarcate, the production that united bar code to read equipment, compositive, pack wait for a process, united domestic bar code to read the technical requirement of equipment, the application that provides bar code to read equipment is directive, the research and development that stimulative home identifies an enterprise automatically to read equipment to bar code, make, be helpful for increasing the own innovation capacity of the enterprise, the application of user of directive and relevant industry.
" bar code reads equipment current technology standard " consulted at the same time ISO/IEC 15423-2004 " IT -- identify automatically and data captures technology - bar code scanner and encoder function experiment " , the principle that reads equipment according to bar code read equipment to undertake scientific classification to bar code, came true to conform with international technology.
The paraphrase of substantival term
Term of original our country's normative already bar code standard introduced in the term that bar code reads equipment, at the same time the standard was built " bar code scanner " , " bar code reads equipment " , " read a line " , " latticedot matrix scans " , " line blast scanning " , " a scanning " main idea.
Because the high speed of IT develops, code of one party noodle reads equipment to already began function of compositive and of all kinds electron, be like: The intelligent function such as terminal of the data on a variety of palms such as inquiry of wired network news report, wireless network news report, handwritten input, memory, positive effect is being produced in each industry.
On the other hand bar code reads a function to begin to appear with the part of the fittings of a kind of function of equipment of a lot of electron, the module that has bar code to read a function is passed as compositive as equipment of of all kinds electron the actual application that completes environment of all sorts of commerce, industry. For this, be opposite in the guideline " individual number assistant (PDA) " and " data collects terminal (PDT) " try to define a specification.
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