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WMS- - the divine arms sharp weapon that modern other people banishs
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As the development of socioeconomy and the acceleration that industry produces, the pass in and out of storehouse is more frequent, storehouse information is more important. Traditional storehouse administration is finished completely by the person, give priority to with manual record, after shedding business to grow to certain dimensions when the content of the enterprise, increase as what order only measure, client demand is ceaseless individuation, executive efficiency becomes content to shed the bottleneck of development, the addition of resource of pure support manpower already cannot promote discrepancy library the rate that implement, rise what bring cost instead substantially with accident again and again. An efficient storage center will be to obtain competitive advantage and the key that score taller gain. The client is large to these storage and the exercise efficiency that deserve to send a center, accuracy rate, answer speed, exercise quantity raised taller requirement.
To make retain competition ability, the enterprise must surpass the expectation of the user hard ceaselessly, transform existing business and flow, adopt scientific analysis, program, design, according to different company respective content sheds a characteristic to design reasonable storage dimensions, layout to reach deserve to send plan, this solution should be on the safe side, pass client test and verify, price performance has been compared, can be at the same time onefold or many users provide complete storage and order government function. It still should have flexibility, can be in risk of systematic function failure 0 or new product and new user increase at any time below lowermost premise. The informatization of storage management is the current that modern storehouse runs, the market is pressing call high-powered WMS(Warehouse Management System, storage manages systematic) .
One, WMS function characteristic
The purpose that runs a system by computer pilot storehouse is to realize storage to govern all sorts of functions independently: Receive money, in management of correct place goods in stock, goods in stock, order for goods processing, sorting is mixed deserve to send control. WMS focuses the central issue of attention at be optimized to what storage carries out and managing effectively, at the same time outspread to carry deserve to send a plan, swim with fluctuation the information of supplier client is interactive, improve the storage company, executive efficiency that deserves to send center and the warehouse that produce a business and productivity effectively thereby, reduce cost, the satisfaction that improves business client is spent, promote the core of the enterprise competition ability thereby.
WMS has module of the following functions commonly: Management is separate order processing and inventory control, fundamental report forms of information management, goods shedding management, message, management receiving money, choose management, check management, move the library management, management that print and tiring-room service system.
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