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The development that contemporary storehouse runs reachs the application of RF t
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The development that modern trade competes, changing the part of traditional storehouse ceaselessly, a the most apparent change is storehouse be being regarded no longer is ground of store of a goods merely, it now is a cent sells a center (Distribution Center) , be turn goods to the consumer, passageway that turns component to the manufactory. In the past, people did not understand this passageway to lock how many efficiency and profit, or the confine because of the environment, to its place accumulate contained function pays no attention; Arrived today, the intense competition between the enterprise already did not allow operator to forgo any chances that increase efficiency easily, storehouse management was become supply catenary government in the center indispensable one annulus.
   One, storehouse management system (WMS) is faddish and Euramerican developed country
The target of storehouse management depends on the control of the shift with efficient goods and inventory. A research that be taught by " storehouse and studies association " to make makes clear, best storehouse runs a mechanism to be able to achieve the order accuracy rate of 99.9% and the punctual shipment rate of 99.2% , "0 errors " is considered as the target that can accept. Storehouse management has the following functions: Custodial function: It is one of main content of storehouse surely, custodial finished product can make commodity creates time benefit, at the same time also case of spueeze the price of commodity; And of raw material provided safe safeguard for product line surely.
The function that pack:
Pack kinds general fraction is large, commodity is packed and carry namely pack. Commodity is packed is for beautification commodity, benefit Yu Ling makes work, the diversification that commodity packs, Xiaobao fits the trend that already was contemporary commodity development; Carry packing is for economic ground nondestructive lost territory is carried, assemble and unassemble and improve custodial efficiency and carry out pack.
Choose classifies a function:
Commodity is when storehouse is custodial, the different partition of the sort that presses commodity commonly, norms is deposited; But before deserving to send, what commodity needs to press an user is different car of the outfit after undertaking of short duration is put classified, send.
Current treatment function:
Efficient carriage assembles and unassemble want the big form that pack commonly, but current department or shopkeeper need to be packed smally commonly, contradict to solve this, some storehouse still increased current treatment function, have dimension, amount and the treatment of the form that pack to commodity.
Ship a function:
Storehouse needs to press quantity, rapid ground to send goods toward each users on time inside its service limits, this deploys corresponding facility for transporting to reach with respect to need assemble and unassemble equipment, this is good service is important assure one of.
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