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Container electron label is Sino-US course begin navigation
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On March 10, 2008, group of Wu of Shanghai international harbor is in Shanghai brace up east container dock was held " Shanghai, label of electron of container of Sa made of baked clay accept is Sino-US ceremony of course begin navigation " . Port office of Zun Zhiya state of deputy mayor of fine horse of Zu Yuan's undersecretary of Xu of the Ministry of Communication, Shanghai Shenyang, United States Tom Armstrong deputy director general delivers a speech in begin navigation ceremonially. Vice director of Chen Zhimin of center of deputy floorwalker of salty fierce of new and high Siyang, hi-tech attends ministry of science and technology on invitation ceremony of push rod of the begin navigation that start, government of as total as the Ministry of Communication, custom arrange, Shanghai concerns leader and delegate of global all circles, what witnessed course of international of label of electron of the first container jointly is formal enlightened.
Shanghai harbor rises from 2001, in the country 863 plans and the support that innovation of Shanghai science and technology plans fall, began the research of system of container electron label. On December 3, 2005, the first container line of Chinese of electronic label " sea of short for Zhejiang Province 325 " annulus set sail formally, system of label of electron of the container that finish comes Yantai in Shanghai " two harbor one boat " the below real environment application on transit, obtained data of first-hand spot industry sex, "Two harbor one boat " accumulative total of volume of demonstrative line case finishs 5294 standards box (TEU) . 2006, to drive the application of container electron label and internationalization, standardization further, ministry of science and technology is in " 915 " science and technology supports a plan major project " demonstrative project of the system of technology of general character of contemporary service line of business that prop up and application " in arranged relevant content, group of Shanghai harbor Wu was assumed " contemporary haven content sheds service demonstrative engineering " task, efficient content sorts the container that is based on electronic label among them the service is a task one of serious content. Task group is in November 2007, December, going up in January 2008 harbor group brace up east branch dock and dock of American Savannah harbor undertook 3 times respectively " harbor arrives harbor " , " the door arrives the door " the solid boat of two kinds of technological process checks. It is normal that the system moves, box, goods, shed data all can accurate type electronic label and convey through wireless local area network data center, nod with the time that opens box illegally and ground legally all can exact record shows in real time in the website, it is OK to pass website of system of label of Chinese container electron real time palm accuses the container of intelligent electron label to flow in the content in whole carriage process with safe information. The begin navigation ceremony March 10, 2008 indicates demonstrative course opens a Sino-US container transport that uses label of electron of container of new generation intelligence formally, also be contemporary service line of business the important level achievement of major project.
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