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Technology of PDA mobile computation runs medium application in content shedding
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 Put in storage works: Receipt of direct v computer, use terminal undertakes goods amount affirms, breed affirms, seasonable sex affirms, can undertake checking to bar code. What in discovering process of goods put in storage in time, appear is unusual, handle in time. Be revised directly through PDA exercise here and affirm tiring-room database file, saved tiring-room computer staff to type the repetition with check receipt process, reduced responsibility segment, won't because of the primitive sex mistake that type a mistake and brings reserve, raise a library to provide the responsibility of personnel and power.
   Management is worn on: According to equipment directive, the fixed position of the goods that finish is put. Raise a library the integral efficiency that uses efficiency and storehouse government. After storehouse administrator puts forward to put a statement, the system hints goods needs put space and goods shelves feature automatically. Ask to send region of hair goods area goods according to the circumstance directly even, improved efficiency.
   Sorting management: The person that get money is admitted in PDA after information perhaps gives indenture information, deliver goods automatically according to FIFO means guidance personnel order engaging the load. OK also according to goods unit or user unit is operated directly bale, control printer of bar code label to output the label that pack through wireless instruction. One-time complete all work, improve efficiency, the disorder that because much link cooperation is brought,reduces and await.
  Delivery of cargo from storage works: Be exercise of put in storage turn over a process, but the content with OK and direct associated record spreads information, carry staff of unit arrival time, efficiency, work and equipment feature for instance (for instance plate number) .
   Check management: Can have independent check to single commodity directly, check accurate check, in time, implementation check is one-time finished function. Because the receipt types brought mistake and time defer,avoid, what the check oneself of the member that because do not colleague,avoid, different time, different kind, different position appears is confused, and reduce the cost loss that prints many receipt place to bring. One-time check runs the main feature that is wireless PDA application.
   Deserve to send executive system
  Goods checks: Motorcade personnel downloads according to designing a line (through wireless network) deserve to send instruction and goods receipt detailed list. Instruction and the goods amount that deserve to send a requirement to affirm outfit car or whole packs an amount, register the carry that pack to be defeated by unit bar code.
   Identity test and verify: Affirm according to clew recieve staff capacity (for instance code of inn of phone of Id number, address, family, door, in-house personnel is versed in date) , begin goods to hand over formalities.
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