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Arabia sheikdom airline invests experiment RFID in 3 airports
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Arabia sheikdom airline announces, hoping to think of with London collect the airport, enlighten do obeisance to International Airport and baggage of experiment of partnership of Hong Kong International Airport to handle the RFID technology with newest respect.

This company will invest 2 1 million AED yuan have a test, dog in function and economy respect and an existing form code the system undertakes comparative. During 6 months experiment, admiral of this company flight number has 500 thousand bags of baggage to affix the ticket that has RFID chip about.

Because of world each district by plane the traveller is much, the journey is more frequent, enlighten do obeisance to airline to hope its investment will conduce to fundamental change baggage dogging surveillant method, the solution that offers innovation handles the impediment that year after year raises.

Dale Griffith of advanced department director says sheikdom airline: "This contains good to our client latest technology, we are very glad to can develop the test with this kind of wide range together with our airport partner. The investment that we get on in this project is small, but the customer that can invite us more be at ease. But the customer that can invite us more be at ease..

"The RFID experiment with the lesser dimensions that someone else undertakes previously already made clear, this kind of technology eliminated a scanner almost read by accident, raised the processing efficiency of baggage system and customer satisfaction to spend greatly. The experiment dimensions that we undertake in 3 big airports now is gotten greatly much, include Arabia sheikdom enlighten do obeisance to the airport, can make the experiment includes baggage to handle more link so, include international to carry. Include international to carry..

Because the A380 plane of 58 double deck enters Emirates service, the baggage volume that every flying confidential handles breaks up, airline longs to find a kind of new method to promote baggage processing system, ensure the client's satisfaction is spent.

Mr Griffith says again: "We expect to share the fruit that experiments this with IATA. We know it will develop the application of this respect subsequently. If this the experiment is like what we anticipate to succeed in that way, arabia sheikdom will encourage each airport on its network to use this kind of technology. Test positive result may become baggage to handle the new occupation standard of the respect. Test positive result may become baggage to handle the new occupation standard of the respect..

RFID equipment already installed the registering stage of the Arabia sheikdom airline of 3 airports that attending to go up. During the experiment, the staff member that recieve training passes will stick the ticket that has RFID chip to baggage bag, as the normal procedure that register. Chip puts lay aside to wear the information such as the knowledge alias with baggage only bag and method. Besides built-in RFID chip, these baggage bag still continue to stick those who have a tradition a form code.
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