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Answering question of tailor-made examination paper blocks Guangdong province ne
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This year is Guangdong province the first year when comply with high school to new course is reformed and undertake reforming executive to the university entrance exam. On June 7, save 553826 examinee to be in completely of parents, teacher, relatives and friends accompany below, in the look that pays close attention to in the society, hurry off to 462 examination room, 18460 try room.

Answering question gets stuck head use stickup bar code

According to introducing, card of answering question of the university entrance exam will use the means of stickup bar code first this year, need examinee to fill besmear to block the full name that go up in answering question before namely, examinee date, print all this year go up in bar code, check by examinee without by accident hind stickup of the top left corner that gets stuck in answering question " bar code is stickup place " inside column casing. The province teachs exam courtyard to express about chief, the practice of stickup bar code divides large exam to also had been used in domestic ministry before, and be being returned this year in the university entrance exam is first time.

This controller reminds, examinee is getting bar code, the full name that should check bar code to go up seriously, full name that checks date and oneself, check order whether conform to, affirm without by accident hind stick bar code horizontal stroke in answering question to get stuck " bar code is stickup place " inside column casing, stickup when outside noticing to cannot exceed casing, lest affect the scanning of answering question card.

My province will increase blow to use wireless communication tool this year the strength of cogged behavior, the examination room that exceeds 90 % also contains " electronic eye " , violate compasses is cogged behavior will be not had but escape form. Resemble Guangzhou city, will car of a wireless monitoring is in inside city between each examination room this year patrol, once discovery uses communication tool executive collective cogged will take step immediately. In addition, every public security policeman that takes an examination of a dot to will set two above maintains order.

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