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Stadium of gram of Ma of Singapore royal seal consumes entrance guard one cartoo
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Current, rise ceaselessly as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, recreational to motion demand also is strengthened gradually. Expand of the amount that those who bring is stadium house, type and dimensions ceaselessly, more high-tech equipment and information system are applied among them, the management of place and operation support also brought into the category that modern science manages. The article will discuss the intelligence in stadium house from professional point of view one cartoon design.

One cartoon includes the intelligence in stadium house system of management of intelligent entrance guard, intelligence jockeys make one's rounds of system of management of consumption of system of administrative system, intelligent elevator management, intelligence, intelligence more administrative system.

Sports place uses a characteristic

1. sports place is divided outside holding professional contest, still undertake wholesale business, literary activity;

2. is in unused condition at ordinary times, but inside short time assemble collect counts a person;

3. has establishment of many form a complete set, wait like parking lot, buffet, dining-room.

The one cartoon application in stadium house

1. uses IC to block a technology, undertake to ticket of face each other of put on sale, nucleus intelligence turns management, implementation is quick attestation, prevent to build holiday and number statistic;

2. make intelligence turn management to the parking lot of stadium house, improve the efficiency that the parking lot runs, reduce operation cost;

3. is right of stadium house rent and of sports equipment rental offer intelligence to turn management;

4. realizes the one cartoon consumption inside stadium house to pay;

5. undertakes to stadium house safety defends setting, prevent the illegal member destruction to place;

6. is offerred in the light of all sorts of sudden incident all sorts of corresponding beforehand case;

7. enters a place to offer special human nature to change a design to physical disabilities personage and honoured guest.

() the characteristic of intelligent entrance ticket and apply

● uses IC card to replace traditional paper ticket

The message that entrance ticket writes inside ● card if date of serial number, relevant section, platoon and seat sign

● handles installation in sports place entrance tall revolving door and read card implement

● audience reads card in the entrance implement on brush card, after systematic attestation is passed, just can enter place through tall revolving door

The characteristic of ● IC card:

◇ IC card has content of science and technology, prevent effectively to forge entrance ticket;
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