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Wireless radio frequency guards a pass system of management of information of ea
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Contest signs up for dispatch to stick an electronic label on examining import provision, can store on all data of the product, olympic Games of relaxed test and verify imports the lawful sex of food. The reporter examined from Beijing yesterday quarantine bureau learns, import the safety of food, cosmetic to assure an Olympic Games, concerned branch grinds recently give out " discrepancy condition food, cosmetic examines label of electron of radio frequency of quarantine supervisory management runs a system " , will use in Beijing port.

Can pass radio frequency to undertake test and verify

According to introducing, it is current that wireless radio frequency identifies a system what a kind of most advanced blame contacts is automatic identify a system, incorporate electronic label and reader two parts. Electronic label is mixed by label antenna special chip comprises label, examine via discrepancy condition quarantine orgnaization examines the import provision of quarantine qualification issues ticket of radio frequency electron, the main message of goods, write into label of radio frequency electron. The ticket of radio frequency electron that will issue is stickup in packing box appoint the position, examine the test and verify that quarantine personnel can pass the data of the memory in label of electron of radio frequency of test and verify to be able to import food to have lawful sex to the Olympic Games, use at identifying, inquiry, date from.

The staff member should use professional reader only, OK the main message that will sum the goods that is stuck in label of radio frequency electron, be like " goods name " , " entrance port " , " date signing up for check " , " examine date " wait for information v to undertake reading, went to the lavatory to examine greatly the spot of quarantine personnel executes the law.

Early-warning information manages a system to pass check and accept

Additional as we have learned, " information of early-warning of risk of safety of provision of Beijing port import, cosmetic runs a system " check and accept smoothly also through the expert, early-warning of risk of safety of the import provision of Beijing port, cosmetic, will build from information the newspaper sends, check, evaluate, type the early warning system, information management system that releases the whole process such as early-warning information, the fountainhead of effectively restrospect to rejected product, examine when quarantine personnel undertakes the spot is checked, can obtain pertinent information well and truly.

The risk early-warning information that the system realized make known to lower levels of total bureau of qualitative to the country check makes administrative be bindinged with product information decide, business administrator but according to early-warning information content, analysing what product is the product that provides inside early-warning, the product of information and the entrance such as encode of the name of these products, producing area, HS has systematic ground than be opposite, can hint automatically early-warning information.
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