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Shipping identifying is used " form code "
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Apply a proof via what come one year, the partial boat such as Hang Pingshen line paragraph 11 RFID of the setting (technology of radio frequency identifying) read card implement the need that can satisfy boat of our city harbor to manage, traditional artificial observation pattern will be replaced stage by stage.

Bureau of boat of the harbor that occupy town staff member introduction, RFID common calls an electron label, be contact of a kind of blame is automatic identify a technology, it identifies target target automatically through radio frequency signal and get relevant data, identify high speed mobile and identify many tag at the same time, the operation is quick and convenient. "Active RFID need not intervene artificially, can work at all sorts of harsh environments. "

This year March, jia Xinghang area has had mount of nearly 100 boats electronic label, these and average bank block the electronic label of similar volume, through with find a place for beside channel read card implement produce a response, can automatic instant record passes the information of be open to navigation or air traffic such as marine sailing time, course, channel.

Jiang Dongming of section chief of division of equipment of bureau of city harbor boat says, collect the means of field data as a kind, the information implementation in RFID and database of harbor ship business are linked together, can execute the law for spot harbor boat on one hand personnel offers ship quickly information of cost of capture of information of basic message, ship carry cargo, shipping security information, ship, reduced the number that shipping examines on the other hand, rose to execute the law efficiency. "Active the application of RFID technology solved shipping monitoring effectively to rely on artificial traditional pattern, raised the informatization level that harbor boat runs, managing the investment of superintendency manpower and capital. "

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