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Shenzhen Hui Yi can be amounted to cooperate hand in hand with RFID world networ
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A few days ago, learn an information from place of RFID world network, international holds POS machine research and development bannerly to produce enterprise Shenzhen Hui Yi to be able to be amounted to (SMARTABLE) already signed cooperative agreement with RFID world network, the publication that sponsors encyclopedia of Chinese RFID industry enthusiasticly works. Shenzhen city Hui Yi can amount to intelligence to block technical limited company, predecessor is Shenzhen firm can amount to intelligent card to make be restricted ministry of career of application of company intelligence card (the branch held water in August 2001) , register formally in August 2004 become those who have independent corporate organization civilian battalion enterprise. Go to an independent company from a first section, hui Yi can be amounted to in the thrive in market competition, the market prospect of the management that the management concept of the market eye of acumen, lead, exact product location, vast development space, human nature turns, product, attracted a batch seasoned, be good at studying, the high-tech talent that is brave in to innovate joins in, develop jointly with the company. Now, hui Yi can amount to what already had a high quality, abound the employee rank of group efforts spirit, have a Master among them unripe, undergraduate students much name, the employee of the staff experience of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning occupies the 90 % of company staff sum total, substantial manpower natural resources is a company the development henceforth laid solid foundation. The company devotes oneself to for a long time embedded the design of the product, research and development, production and after service, compositive the multinomial application technology such as label of IC card, electron, bar code, dactylogram, GPRS/CDMA, wireless communication, already deserved to send in inspector of governmental function department, one cartoon, content shedding, electronic purse and member make the domain such as consumption win increasingly wide application.

" encyclopedia of industry of 2008 China RFID " technology of report of code of information of will integrated industry, policy, research, forward position, solution, product is revealed, enterprise directory, all-around the development general situation that shows industry of our country RFID, help RFID enterprise extends the brand of oneself and product, in the meantime, still purchase those who be government, enterprise, consumer offer more choice opportunities, comprehensive, system analyses RFID industry catenary, give birth to manufacturer, agency, agent and system besides each segment that issues all RFID industry catenary outside the trade public figure such as compositive business, the encyclopedia also reachs given free by the publisher in the large company of the industry of RFID representative application of countrywide each district, association and hand of relevant government sector. " encyclopedia of industry of 2008 China RFID " will make a company controller and business personnel are necessary classical reference book.
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