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Huhhot city enables system of vegetable and safe date from
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System of date from of vegetable quality safety was in Huhhot city beauty to connect investment of vegetable terminal market to use recently. Adopt this one system, the citizen of Huhhot can inquire the information such as vegetable producing area, generator. As we have learned, after the system moves a success, still will be in egg of fruit, birds kind popularize further in food.

According to spring of Huhhot city jade chief of division of mart of industrial and commercial substation introduces, the United States connects system of date from of vegetable quality safety to pass encode to produce current whole process to have a record to vegetable, the farmer arrives from manufacturing vegetable pack, storage, carry, the whole process such as the sale can be shown through encode come, if consumptive link discovers vegetable quality problem, can undertake date from through coding system, find out responsibility, avoided partial vegetable effectively to making the confused appearance with high price of the cover that does not have social effects of pollution, qualitative bad.

Project of research of date from of vegetable and safe quality is the country is made to cooperate produce market admittance, the label is made and recall is made, by agriculture, qualitative inspect, industrial and commercial wait for many branches to develop development jointly.

In recent years, go up to ensure the citizen eats " be at ease dish " , municipality, breathe out city implemented system of produce market admittance. But produce by the farmer of the innumberable families as a result of vegetable, many current link is passed among, although discover quality problem, also search responsibility person hard. . Huhhot city beauty connects the date from system of vegetable terminal market to appear, attract the attention that draws customer instantly. When a few citizens buy vegetable, take course to the instrument to brush designedly, inquire the information related vegetable product, just be at ease next put into shopping basket. A lady of surname king says to the author: "When we buy vegetable, can hnow through and through so, gave a problem to also method finds responsible person, take course more was at ease. Take course more was at ease..

Of system of information of date from of vegetable quality safety debut to bring very big advantage and profit for broad citizen. The vegetable product that sells to the market as a result of date from system was built " Id " system, execute bar code sale, consumer is consequently OK the date from bar code that goes up according to the product, inquire the pertinent information of vegetable product, raised the power of consumer know the inside story to vegetable quality and superintendence greatly, implementation " buy dish to know antecedents, quality to be able to trace to the source " desire, olden common people is bought so that be at ease, eat so that set one's mind at. Promote the good market atmosphere that forms green consumption, safe consumption thereby, the problem taking course that olden common people cares most gets better improvement.
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