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Bar code printer wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry
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As we all know, there are four different Kodak color film through the bar code label bar code printer, bar code label represents what these mean? According to expert analysis: They are used in film production, distribution, shooting and printing the various processes. Outside of the box is the product bar code bar code; film cartridge bar code printer to print the inside of the bar code and external code system different, this is the application of the production process for film, film in the factory carton before the carton production line and passed through a code reader (scanner) to read the bar code on the tray inside, to ensure that the type of film loaded correctly; film cartridge bar code on the silver black and white, have special devices to read the bar code camera After converting the system can automatically set by camera on the "film speed" button; When the film finished shooting sent to printing equipment, bar code printing machine turn signal input print appropriate treatment, this bar code to be a good film red before seen, because it is a hidden code, subject to development was seen, this bar code printed photo process to provide parameters command. Ford Motor Company entered 1.5 million annually to the European cars, each with a show that all of its models, specifications and assembly plant by the bar code printer bar code, replacing the last vehicle in the process of delivery and resell up to 11 times Record serial number of the tedious manual work. Ford factory in Belgium saor1ouis also bar code engraved in the metal pieces on the bottom of the body; through the assembly line, a scanning device can be the beginning to the final assembly of vehicles shipped from the factory to track the entire process. Ford Motor Company as rival General Motors, it has the power machine with a bar code to differentiate the major components such as valves, carburetor and so on. These components can be composed of 15.5 million kinds of different types of power machine, but only one of GM's 438 species, through the bar code to the computer input, the model can avoid useless structure. Many countries are using bar code automatic production line technology, to improve production process efficiency and accuracy. With the development of market economy, increasing competition among enterprises of. In order to seek greater development, in China, have been introduced, such as manufacturing MRP II, ERP, JIT and other advanced production management. The basic idea is to achieve accurate and efficient, high-intensive and high degree of automation of resource management. Bar code technology because of its unique automatic recognition, and management of hierarchical classification of objects can be the only management object corresponding to such characteristics, it is in the manufacturing management is widely used in materials management, production management and product management. The MRPII system, BOM for each product has its own single (according to generate design drawings and engineering documents) for the definition of product structure, description of products, components, spare parts and the assembly relationship between the number of requirements. Product components or parts that are associated each unique number corresponding to the material. No. We only according to the material to the preparation of internal management by the bar code (or custom coding rules, such as the characteristics of the material properties can be also recorded in the bar code, such as a bar code can represent the material color. Extended bar code technology can the standard unit price of materials, suppliers are also recorded in the bar code, but there must be management support), they can be material management, production management and product management in the full application of bar code technology. Manufacturing materials management functions, including material procurement plans major production, material procurement control, warehouse management and production preparation of materials control. Warehousing of materials can be used out of position to record bar code data collection, the entire batch job to complete before receiving points in the data (computer) into the data upload, the whole operation documents (out of warehouse receipts / into the warehouse receipt) just type through whom the name of the department and personnel names of both parties to complete the last instant by a background document to modify the software inventory based on books. The operation without too many artificial factors, and therefore ensure that the data has a very high accuracy and greatly improve efficiency. Computer entry in the traditional way as artificial keyboard input, not only inefficient, error rate, and can not track the inventory of materials in detail. When a single number the MRPII the BOM, the background production plan management software can generate the production preparation plan, and materials generated data and the actual amount of inventory, safety stock, the lower compared to generate material purchase orders. To achieve the above functions is the basis of materials and corresponding relationship between the bar code. Production management in manufacturing production planning major functions include production, production planning and control, production management. Using bar code technology in the management of each product design but also for the corresponding bar code on the clothing, footwear products can also be its unique color and size of property incorporated into the bar (if the production process are semi-finished products, but also can be used process tracking barcode technology for production of finished products, such as large appliances production fuselage codes, etc.). The current production of computerized management is the important issue MRPII implementation, in particular, foreign investment in Guangdong, owned enterprises is very difficult to achieve the one hand, the movement of production factors of instability, the other is on the device reasons. Such as traditional computer management, which means that for each production line is equipped with data input workstations and related personnel; the use of bar code technology, you can use real-time data acquisition system data acquisition, data processing time, so one does not need any additional computer workstations, it also reduces the corresponding device space and operators on the accuracy of the data can have a good guarantee, these points can be said of traditional PC management unmatched. Bar code technology can also be said is the fundamental solution for production management in the device configuration problems. Manufacturing in the main functions of product management including product warehouse management, product sales and product service management. Bar code technology in inventory management and materials management basically similar, but because the product is relatively simple compared with varieties of materials, sizes and packaging easier to paste the bar code, bar code technology in the early stages of development more directly reflect the advantages of bar code management. The product sales and service management using bar code technology is able to further the specific product and link directly to the user, a more detailed customer and product sales accounting ledger. Quality of after-sales tracking, the establishment of efficient customer service system and ensure product quality and after the accident occurred has a responsibility for traceability and to ensure that the same batch of product on the market are quickly controlled.
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