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TSC-243E up to 90-inch 1380 bar code printer for sale
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TSC-243E Barcode printer, printing method for the thermal transfer, thermal maximum print speed of 3 "per second print speed resolution of 203dpi, the print width of 4.09 inches, the width of the paper 1 inch -4.2 inch to allow a maximum print Length 90 inches, the memory 1M FLASH ROM and 2M DRAM, automatic cutter support the communication interface RS-232C serial and parallel interface, a variety of one-dimensional bar code bar code and MaxiCode, PDF417 two-dimensional bar code character fonts, built-in standard communication With the character set of the five built-in alphanumeric type, all the built-in fonts can be enlarged eight times horizontally or vertically, you can download the software, use the ribbon length of 300M, ribbon width of 110mm. TSC-243E of the latest price of 1380 Million, with the look.
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