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Break the traditional black and white bar code label applications Primera Colo
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Primera PRIMERA company, specializing in bar code printers, color label printer manufacturers. Has been committed to color label printers, color bar code printer in the production and research and development; to provide color labels, black and white bar code solutions for individual requirements. If the current you need a wider format of the color can be printed bar code label printer, the market will be very limited choice of products, you may need to spend large sums of investment to buy an expensive thermal transfer bar code printer or laser printer, also hope that this machine can have a longer life. Primera PRIMERA company offers a full range of color label printer, you can choose according to your needs wide variety of bar code printers. LX200 black bar code printer: maximum 102mm print width, up to 1200DPI print accuracy. LX400 Color Barcode Printer: Max 102mm print width, print resolution up to 4800DPI, support for color printing. LX900 Color Label Printer Industrial: Maximum 206mm print width, print resolution up to 4800DPI, all true color printing. Demand for personalized variable data production Primera bar code printer uses the latest high-resolution inkjet printing technology, at any time production, industrial wide-format color printing high quality bar code labels; supports universal bar code label design software, users can design a variable bar code on demand, a variety of Variable text and images, illustrations, charts, text, bar codes or two-dimensional bar codes such as high resolution, the number of actual needs based on your batch labeling anytime, anywhere printing. Most importantly, based on the number of on-demand personalized print, no longer limited by the number and variety. High-quality print quality Primera LX series of barcode printers with color printing up to 4800DPI resolution, photo-print quality; and compared to the conventional thermal transfer bar code printers, with unparalleled printing; particularly in the need to print special small fonts, pictures, Logo and other special needs, highlighting the advantages of LX series of barcode printers. Label printing speed of the fastest Small quantities of short-board printing is the most critical printing speed and productivity, the use of LX900 color label printer to print in high speed mode, full-color label, print speeds of up to 4.5 "inches / second. If you need more production of labels can be more Taiwan LX900 color label printer connected to a computer, centralized control, thereby increasing the labeling yield. in the industry of desktop label printers, LX900's print speed is unprecedented. Whether small or large quantities of labeling , LX900 is your best choice. Support a variety of print media LX Series label printers can support a variety of inkjet printing adhesive labels, bar code label and card labels, the use of inkjet high gloss labels, matte labels, transparent PET, white BOPP, synthetic paper labels printed and other materials waterproof, scratch-resistant, tear resistant and anti-pollution features. Ideal for labeling some special materials needs. And application of industry success stories LX Series label printer is ideal for short runs and small quantities of special products quickly create high-quality color labels. Used in bar code, label color proofing, color outside the box labels, product test marketing, OEM, proprietary brand of the product label, own-brand merchandise, promotional merchandise labels. For the food industry, wine and bottled product labels, card, badge tag, personal care product labels and other health-care applications solutions.
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