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Heron source bar code printers are widely used in production management
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Heron source network analysis barcode bar code system in the production process the application and bar code solutions for design, production and process management is the soul of an enterprise, the enterprise product is good or bad depends largely on the management and control of the production process, the production process refers to the enterprise eventually become the finished product process components. Stage in the absence of bar code applications, each product in each production line must be manually recorded the processes needed to produce this product and parts, according to the allocation of staff expected to receive a good material, it begins production. In each production line has a record form for each product, each process is completed, fill in the element number and work number of workers, the operation is complete. In this process, the workload is very, very complex, and can not be immediate reaction products in the production line flows. Using bar code technology, the first order number, part type, number of products formed bar code number, product parts and assembly production line to print and paste the bar code. This can easily obtain the product orders in a production line of the production process and the necessary materials and spare parts. Products in the production line is completed, inspected by the quality inspector post-production into the product bar code scanning, bar code line number, and press into the worker processes scan the bar code sequence (which can be determined once the same.) The failure of the product for repair, determined by the maintenance of the causes (process position). Bar code on the application in production management major advantages are as follows: ● the production process in the production line can be immediate, effective response to it, save the labor of manual tracking. ● product (orders) of the production process to show up on the computer, find the bottlenecks in production; quick statistics and query production data for production scheduling, and so provide the basis for a single row. This article published online in the vPro Management ||57 ● For the inspection of substandard products, the workers can record people's problems or part of the problem is to provide practical analysis. Heron source barcode net with the following case to you about electronics companies in the production process to monitor the use of bar code production. 1, the system is to achieve four main objectives: ● Quality Tracking: to track the machine and the main board (PCB board) model (motherboard, power supply or other major components), production sites, production date, production line team, PCB board version number, engineering change leather (ECO), volume and serial number and other information. ● produce real-time dynamic tracking: to learn from the computer at any time the actual production situation. ● Customer Tracking: Customers have ready access from the computer's name, address and number of shipments. ● reporting functions: to provide various management reports for management review. 2, to develop specific programs Bar code automatic identification technology with input speed, high accuracy, low cost and ease of operation and so on. In the automated assembly line and the process, the use of bar codes for the main parts marked with bar code labels. By collecting and decoding bar code reader, the bar code information into the computer server's database. And major parts of each machine will have a unique bar code. No matter where the machine sent to will be recorded. If a problem occurs, just read the bar code on the warranty card, you can bring up the database of all the relevant product data, product quality greatly facilitate tracking and after-sales service. 3, bar code design The system can include four main databases: database design, user base, PCB libraries and machine library. Bar code label must contain the information: Model / signs, production sites, production date, production team / production line. Batch number and serial number and bar code tracking system software to accept different barcode formats and sizes. Bar code labels are used for PCB, machine, box and warranty card. For example, bar code formats designed PCB board to consider models, production sites, production date, production team, production line, batch number and serial number and so on. This section's main job is all code, to be able to timely and complete reflection of the product every situation and can do the uniqueness of the various components. 4, bar code management system main functions: system management, PCB board production management, assembly and production management, into the warehouse management and other functions.
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