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Computer of shift of level of Intermec 751 industry
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Computer of shift of level of Intermec 751 industry Intermec 751 is a high end that faces application of local area network wireless and mobile computer. It has the strong structure of Intermec tradition and wear design, systematic configuration of high end provided outstanding performance. The wireless communication of IEEE 802.11 B/g of Wi-Fi attestation, can offer the bandwidth of 54MB. The attestation of Cisco CCX guaranteed safety of your network compatibility, network and network investment adequately. Wireless blue tooth and the individual network PAN that wireless and infra-red communication equips, comprised agile work staff terminal to use a system. Intermec 751 is of 750 upgrade replacement product. Intermec 751 cent is industrial level and class of explosion proof safety two series, a variety of configuration can face different application.

Product parameter

Processor: Intel 400 MHz XScale PXA255 CPU
Operating system: Operating system of Microsoft Pocket PC 2003. The user is optional 7 kinds of systems such as outfit Chinese, English
Memory: 64MB SDRAM, but augment comes 128MB; 64MB Flash ROM, SD gets stuck but augment comes 512MB
Monitor: Liquid crystal of 320x240 TFT complete sunlight color
Power source system: 4000mAh can charge lithium battery; The intelligent power source of patent of Intermec whole world runs a system
Bar code scanner: Scanner of image of one dimension, 2 dimension; One dimension, 2 dimension stimulate optical scanner
Communication interface: 10Base-T aether net, RS232, USB, irDA 1.1
Wireless local area network: IEEE 802.11b/g 2.4Ghz/54Mbps (Wi-Fi attestation)
The network is compatible: Support Cisco Version 1, LEAP, CLIP, VLAN
Wireless individual net: Class 1.1 of 2.4Ghz blue tooth
Long-range communication: Type Modem or Modem of V.92 baseplate type are inserted outside V.90
Operate temperature: - 10 ℃ - 50 ℃
Dustproof and waterproof: Accord with IP64 standard
Impulse withstand: 1.2 meters of 26 cement floors decline nondestructive
Main fittings: The car carries handle of baseplate, communication baseplate, trigger, portable printer, Modem, outside reader of buy scanner adapter, GPS, magnetic card

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