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Reader of hand-held bar code selects strategy complete works
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Reader of hand-held bar code selects strategy series one (on)
Bar code technology has had 10 old development histories in our country, its no matter from the technology, still arrive application, had developed adept level. Speak of bar code, have to say bar code reader, the classified method of bar code reader has a variety of, in different applied domain and applied circumstance, face different user group, according to different application demand has different classified method. The technical principle that uses according to bar code reader is classified, can divide for: Linear CCD/CMOS reader, face blast type CCD/CMOS reader and laser type reader; According to read mode classification, can divide for: The reader of odd axis type, twin axle and triple axle; By read type cent to be: Hand, glow reads form, shake electric lens, rotate the reader such as electric lens.
Face society to go up such product, the passive situation that meeting sink have no way chooses user hard to avoid, in different domain, how should the user select the product that he needs? A few clients choose blindly expensive, thinking to want only is expensive it is best, actually otherwise, the ability that suits oneself only is best!
This period, we are buying exert oneself respect of reader of hand-held bar code to should notice what arrive to reader introduction those problems.  
Reader of hand-held bar code selects strategy series one

Since development of bar code technology to today, all previous classics time of more than 10 years, had been waited for to commercial retail trade, postal, manufacturing industry by wide application numerous domain.
Should read quickly take bar code news, cannot leave bar code reader of course. Bar code reader is in definitive position in identifying a technology automatically. The sort of bar code reader is various, the article basically starts to hold bar code reader to everybody introduction.
Hold hand of handgrip of bar code reader
Current, the holds bar code reader sort on the market is various, main component is its mainstream product: Scanner of reader of contact smooth pen, CCD/CMOS, laser 3 big kinds.

Brief analyse reader is main functional component

When the user is considering to select the reader of the sort of type, be necessary to make a few understanding to holding the part of a few main functions of bar code reader above all, such as: Illuminant and image bar code collect parts of an apparatus; Coding code is made; Interface means.

The kind of reader of 3 kinds of bar code reads engine to decide by theirs, read engine to use generation illuminant to read bar code, of smooth pen those who read engine to use is glow diode (LED) , what reader of CCD bar code uses is electronic coupling parts of an apparatus (CCD) , of reader of laser bar code reading engine is visible laser diode (VLD) . Reading engine is a when the influence holds performance/price ratio of bar code reader main factor, decided its applicability to all sorts of utility. It is after the distinction that understood them, the user can choose a function and value best hold bar code reader.
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