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Datalogic DS2400 stationary stimulates optical scanner
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Product characteristic:

Scanning speed is controlled by software, can amount to 1000 times / second
Scanning distance can amount to 600 millimeter
Have form of two kinds of scanning optional, direct model and perpendicular model, the structure is likewise compact
Inside buy new generation decoder of real time RISC
Scanning can know the bar code that reads 6 to differ at most
Two high speed are serial interface (RS232 RS485)
Two kinds of hardware receive form of degree of lip-rounding
It is very easy to undertake installing with WINHOST tool software
IP65 industry level, dustproof and waterproof

Representative application:

Automatic storehouse: System of conveyer belt sorting, label affirms, pick money system
Automatic product line: Component and spare parts dog, the control that pack
Combine other facility: Store automatically equipment, stick label automatically equipment

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