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Wireless data is collected implement the introduction and guideline of choose an
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How is the choose and buy wireless does data collect terminal?
Above all, what we should understand is wireless data collects terminal. The use utility that collects terminal according to data is different, substantially can divide it is two kinds: Online data collects terminal and wireless data to collect terminal. Online data collects terminal to be able to be divided again mix for table the type that connect a line, their much is direct by power supply of alternating current source, general dispute uses independently, collecting data is transmitted by cable connection between terminal and computer, cannot off line is used. This kind of scanner transmits the means of data to have two kinds commonly to the computer: One kind is clavier is emulated; Another kind is to pass communication mouth to transmit data to the computer. To former need not alone power supply, its motivation by computer interior derivative; Latter needs alone power supply. Accordingly, online data collects terminal to must be installed in fixed position, and require a bar code read. Current, a few content shed an enterprise to already began to use in giving government of put in storage. Because online data collected terminal to create a few restriction on scope of application and utility, make its cannot apply in the occasion that need off line uses, the scanning that is like inventory check, big article. Collect the insufficient place of terminal to make up for online data, wireless data collects terminal emerge as the times require.
Wireless data collects terminal is be collected to get used to a few field data and the bar code symbol of scanning ponderosity object and of the design, agree with the occasion that off line uses. Knowledge when reading, collect terminal with online data contrary, it is the scanning before taking the scanner bar code sign, accordingly, say again to hold plane of terminal, check. It by batteries power supply, be on bad terms with the communication between the computer scanning undertakes at the same time, it has its in-house packet, can collect the data of certain amount, can be in proper when transmit these data the computer. Almost all wireless data collect terminal to have certain process designing capacity, deserve to go up again applied process can make the special equipment with very strong function, the application that can satisfy different situation thereby needs. More and more content shed an enterprise to deliver the view collect terminal to wireless data, home has had a few content to shed an enterprise to collect wireless data what terminal uses at storehouse management, carriage management and article to carry out dog.
Current, the manufacturer that the development research that pursues bar code technology and its series product in world each country, production manages amounts to thousands of, the breed of the product is close 10 thousand kinds, had rolled out can store the wireless data of information of on 10 thousand bar code collects terminal, apply extensively at storehouse management, commodity check and on all sorts of fieldwork. Wireless data collects technology of electron of terminal benefit from benefit from develop and change to miniaturization, miniature ceaselessly, intelligence changes directional development. The wireless data that sells on a few markets today collects the computer that terminal is complete function actually, some wireless data collect terminal small to can put into shirt pocket.
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