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The guideline of choose and buy of fittings of bar code printer
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Normally standard of bar code printer configures the demand of OK and contented actual application. But fall in specific situation, need installs special options to have form a complete set. These options regard a standard as the beneficial complement of configuration, can extend the applied value of bar code printer further, raise the rate of automation. A few commonly used optional components are arranged to undertake introductory here, the hope can be helped somewhat to the application of bar code printer.
Unreel implement

Sometimes, in the process that print, the ticket that need gives automatically to printing or copy paper are automatic and winding, normally we need have the aid of at unreel implement such optional fittings is finished. Unreel implement especially buy type and inside buy type two kinds, outside buy type unreel implement bar code printer following in working process is depart, the tensional sensor that is the buy outside using normally will control unreel implement the rotational speed of electric machinery, achieve thereby reclaim the synchronism of label and speed of the label that print. Outside buy type unreel implement install and use very simple, and inside the range that permits in width, can the bar code printer with different brand and different type is compatible.

Inside buy type unreel implement must install go up in specific bar code printer, use and installation is relatively a few more complex, different brand is different of the bar code printer of model inside buy type unreel implement can differ somewhat, when bar code printer the job is in come off automatically when the condition of label, must unreel of type of the buy inside the choice implement close suitably. Inside buy type unreel implement be linked together through transmission leather belt or gear and motor of servo of bar code printer, achieve reclaim the synchronism of label and speed of the label that print. Inside buy type unreel implement unifinication is good, special sex is strong, the user when using should undertake be choosinged reasonably according to his real need.

The network prints a server

Print wide application as the network, need to use a network to print a server sometimes. On exterior of the network server that print similar a modem, the USB mouth that passes printer of join bar code is mixed and mouth, can upgrade traditional bar code printer for network printer. Network printer can liberate the computer machine that serves as the server that print so come out, use resource effectively. The net that normally net of the buy inside the meeting gets stuck in the bar code printer in a few high end or can print a function in order to choose direct support network gets stuck, right now, do not need the network that says here to print a server.

Buy network prints the occurrence of the server outside, what having get effect instantly to user investment cost is managing. Print to buying general altogether to enjoy but the user of bar code printer that does not have network function, want to print a server suitably through adding only, the bar code printer that need not buy new network function again can transfer easily to print applied phase to the network. In the meantime, also be based on this kind of jumping-off place just about, of great majority outside the buy type server that print has very good compatibility, can compatible the bar code printer of all sorts of brands, type and common printer, buy, the use measure such as installation, operation, management is very simple, convenience.
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