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Clothing company how printer of bar code of choose and buy
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As a result of a lot of manufacturer, when searching printer of label bar code, often do not know what brand what norms just is real need, add distributors the profit for oneself, often recommend a few profit tall, but the product that does not fit most certainly, because this creates some companies,often buy a few products that do not fit oneself condition.
1. use bear
Generally speaking, bar code printer basically distinguishs for commerce model with industry model two kinds:
Commerce apply to factory of the office, small-sized clothing to wait imprint the circumstance with smaller amount, commerce the rigid structure that bar code printer uses basically is given priority to with plastic composition, there is the advantage that comparative on the price.
Industry considered large quantities of quantities to presswork the need of the working environment that reachs Yan He, normally industry the product uses metallic component and taller configuration morely, durable sex and stability greatly excel commerce product, the speed that print also should be gotten quickly much.
Use bear also the boundary with very accurate neither one, according to our experience and introduction of a few data, daily workload is the biggest at 4000 pieces, average everyday 1000 pieces of right-and-left label print a quantity to be able to consider business to use model machine. Of course, industry printed service life is chosen below coequal bear the meeting is a few longer.
The 2. precision that print
Bar code printer distinguishs by the precision that print, basically have 203dpi and 300dpi two kinds, the price of 300dpi wants about expensive 45% the left and right sides. Generally speaking, if you basically are used,print label of not dry glue, can use the machine of 203dpi; If you basically use tag of the dress that print and bath label, I recommend the machine that you had better buy the precision that print to be in 300 a little bit, the effect that is inferior to not dry glue and tag paper because of the printing effect of bath mark is good,
When printing a few smaller characters and bath symbol especially, it is not clear to if be machine of 200 bits,look, and handwriting falls off easily, pollute clothings.
The 3. means that print
Bar code printer from presswork the cent on the principle turns to imprint and be heated up for heat quick two kinds. Main transfer machinery of heat quick printer is simple, immediate effect Yu Remin paper, handwriting saves time shorter, apply to retail trade to wait to make the field that uses namely namely, if print computer small bill. And heat turns imprint printer also can change Cheng Remin means to print normally, versatility is better. Heat turns imprinting is the carbolic pink that goes up through printing the high temperature on the head to take carbon turn imprint to medium, handwriting saves time longer, application is accordingly wider also.
4. maintenance serves
Bar code printer is professional stronger, choice supplier should be mature professional setting of the supplier.
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