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Label of industrial wire cable and its printer choose a guideline
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Consider first when the choice of label of industrial wire cable the following 4 serious problems, this can help you choose appropriate wire cable label.
1, had done in terminal still make a label later before?
Cover tag of diaphragm wire cable (twine type) :
Can be before terminal join or later use
Content clarity. Label twines online cable completely to go up.
A transparent film is twined go up in the content that print. Effectively protection prints content, prevent scratch or be corroded.
The canal covers a label:
Can use before terminal joins only, through the mouth of electrical wiring end is covered go up in electrical wiring.
Can change casually before shrink label, have flexibility
After passing shrink, bushing makes ability the permanent label of harsh environment.
2, how much is the diameter of wire cable?
The length that the diameter of wire cable decided to need to twine type label or the diameter of bushing. Great majority twines type label to apply to the wire cable of all sorts of dimension.
Bei Di twines type label to apply to the label of all sorts of different diameters.
3, do you plan to you print a label or be bought imprint beforehand label?
Imprint beforehand label:
Have a variety of all kinds of imprint beforehand content can offer an alternative
If demand is bigger, can offer custom-built imprint beforehand content
Have bound into card type, this type and bushing type, wait for various mark to be able to offer an alternative, use convenient, carriage advantage.
Apply to all sorts of application circumstances

4, but the spot prints a label:
Print all sorts of content according to need
Have what can transfer printer, stylus printer, laser or printer of ink jet type to print for portable printer, heat all sorts of label material.
Suit to print longer character.
Have the label measure that suits different application situation.
In what kind of environment will be these wire cable labels put?
Choosing cable of a kind of first-rate wire to mark is crucial. The element that needs a consideration includes:
Whether to meet oil of bring into contact with, water, chemical article or solvent?
Whether to need flame retardant?
Whether does the government have special provision or other provision to this?
In whether be being used in clean or other environment?

Even if fall in harsh environment, PERMASLEEVES has the Bei Di that hot move type prints to be fought by force corrupt quality, print content actually as much " fights smeary " .
A lot of companies must over and over undertake marking, the reason depends on choosing right stuff.
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