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Content shedding storage chooses wireless system experience 10
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Wireless system investing on content shedding storage is inevitable trend, but still need apparently via anatomize. The expert sums up 10 experience to be as follows:
1.Understand oneself requirement
Wireless and mobile system is solving the value on specific issue apparent. This must examine current specific business seriously with respect to requirement enterprise, anatomize can use wireless system to improve operation and the exercise task that improve accuracy and productivity significantly. Can solve problem limits clearly, the oldest rate undertakes quantifying to hoping to expect an end.
2.Analyse working environment
Serious analysis will use the working environment of wireless and mobile system. Mix in building site spot wireless system is used to have very big distinction in storehouse environment. The product range that supplier of current wireless system equipment offers is very wide, operate an environment at differring applicably. Must choose corresponding equipment according to particular operation environment.
3.Measure always have cost (TCO)
The equipment that buys valence cheap can not make sure long-term cost is economic certainly. For instance initial investment requires 5000 yuan equipment, because a large number of technologies support and the likelihood serves to cost the over equipment that invests 20000 yuan finally.
4.Use existing device and through using among patulous
A lot of companies already made a lot of investment on system of business management software, do not wish to use wireless device revest. Among the system can produce effect below this kind of circumstance. Among the product can manage the data between wireless and mobile system and business information system effectively to deliver. Below certain circumstance, when wireless shift the system asks to have new business technological process to it form a complete set, and this business flow is returned not automation, the enterprise still needs to increase investment. For example car assigns to wait with spot operation management.
5.Consider mobile operating system
Support simple and easy rate to carry consistency and technology, ought to integrate uses wireless equipment operating system. Wireless system is returned with the consistency between platform of business information system is not big question, because current open standard join can make,palmtop computer is the same as Linux or Microsoft system communication. When buying wireless equipment, its operating system should not make payoff. But the arrangement that also ought to consider wireless system user.
6.The choice is developed by oneself or outside bag
In the choice interior develops installation, between the equipment distributors that the bag outside mixing gives a system compositive trader or provides appreciation service, ought to consider oneself resource advantage, technical capability and budget. Right partner chooses to hold the balance to project success or failure.
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