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Make executive system MES run a system
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One, introductive

Manufacturing industry is the pillar property with principal economy of our country countryman, central position is held in secondary industry. Accompany China to join WTO and economic globalization, china is becoming the center of world manufacturing industry. Manufacturing industry enterprise of China faces increasingly intense domestic and international competition, how to enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise quickly, a bit very important, drive industrialization with informatization namely, accelerate informatization process, take new-style industrialized way, realize whole society productivity span type develops.

Review the applied current situation of system of informatization of our country manufacturing industry, the key of construction is put generally in ERP management system and spot automation system (Shop Floor Control System, SFC) two respects. But, because product marketing is in this one, 20 years from production oriented apace evolves into the market competition is oriented, oriented, the government that also produces the spot to creating a company consequently and organization posed a challenge, only support ERP and spot automation system often cannot deal with this new phase.

The factory makes executive system (Manufacturing Execution System, MES) apropos can fill this one blank. It is close that the factory makes executive system MES will 10 years develop quickly in the world, the manufacturing management technique that faces workshop layer and system of real time information. MES can provide a quick response, bouncy, manufacturing industry environment that changes subtly for the user, cost of help business cut, on schedule the delivery, quality that improves a product and improve service quality. Apply to disparate industry (home appliance, car, semiconductor, communication, IT, medicine) , can be produced to onefold big batch and already production of much breed small lot has what large quantities of quantities produce to mix again model production enterprise provides good company information management. At present foreign well-known company applies MES system to had made general appearance, a lot of domestic companies also begin to use this technology to enhance the core competition ability of oneself gradually.

2, create executive system MES and its function

The definition of 2.1MES

MES is the new idea that 90 time advance American management group. The system of company production management that AMR(Advanced Manufacturing Research) of advanced production research organization adopts the United States to be had to the investigation discovery of a large number of enterprises is common by the business management software that is a representing with ERP/MRPII, the software of manufacturing process monitoring that is a delegate with SCADA, HMI(Human Machine Inteface) and in order to implement automation of unit process of cargo bandling, the MES software with supportive comprehensive and compositive industry group composition. According to findings, AMR offerred three-layer company 1992 compositive model (if pursue one) .
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