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Sale channel bar code runs a system
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Manage as the enterprise from extensive model to intensive model change, channel management field is sold in cent, the animal farm limitation at technology and method, of most company continue to use still is the mode that runs earlier convention and administrative pattern, these means are highlighted increasingly in efficiency, cost and the inferior position that can dominate the field such as the gender. Accordingly, the change of market environment raised new requirement to the channel management pattern of the enterprise.
System of this sale channel management can help an enterprise sell the orderly flow in the network to implementation is supervised strictly and be controlled in cent to crucial commodity, improve the channel level of management of the enterprise, reduce and avoid channel venture. The system is added through application close model technology of 2 dimension bar code, undertake marking accurately with what keep secret to crucial commodity. The goods that carries nonlocal branch checks function, can put an end to a product effectively to cross division sale and change goods, be on guard to be pounded fakely.
  Functional description:
1, channel management module
The sale management department that cent sells company headquarters is in when making label of the bar code that print, through special add close algorithm, data and the information such as number of serial of controller of the sale area that recorded commodity in the safety in label of 2 dimension bar code, reliable ground, sale, crucial fittings, added an exclusive, complete, confidential identity and attribute identifier for commodity thereby.
Further, cent sells an enterprise to be able to be opposite the link such as the delivery of cargo from storage of commodity, put in storage, content shedding, sale realizes strict monitoring, each business sites in making cent sells a network had powerful commodity to check a function, business site can sell attribute of area, product to wait to commodity according to need undertake check and matching, the function that check is particular will pass terminal of scanning of portable bar code, or add bar code scanner to come true through notebook computer.
In channel management module, include label management (definition, print, knowledge read, data is added close) , product management (attribute is added, delete, revise) , user attributive management, data uploads the function such as download management.
   2, sale management module
Cent sells an enterprise to pass 2 dimension bar code technology and into annul put wide area newwork of software, enterprise the union of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, the whole technological process that can sell to merchandise component realizes comprehensive, effective, safe management and monitoring. Get precious commodity storage, content shedding, sale further, answer the data such as the paragraph, the managemant decision that is company headquarters provides valuable statistical information, data and forms for reporting statistics. Particular function will include cent to sell area management (district government, chief management) , management of management of management of area outstanding achievement, individual outstanding achievement, forms for reporting statistics.
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