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If why be tasted in blame shopkeeper,go up use commodity bar code
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Be not retail goods, basically be to point to what do not carry POS scanning close an account to be used at deserving to send, storage or wholesale the commodity that waits for an operation. An a paper box of 24 cigarette, tray of 40 box cigarette can be not retail goods to undertake as wholesale, deserve to send.
-- the label code that is not retail goods
The label code that is not retail goods can use EAN/UCC-13 or EAN/UCC-14 structure, if pursue,14 are shown. The user can undertake choosing according to real need.

(1) indicator is used in EAN/UCC-14 only, assignment interval is 1-9, among them 1-8 is used at mensurable commerce project, 9 use at variable commerce project. The simplest encode method is those who follow the level that pack is ordinal increase and go to big ordinal allocation as a child the numerical value of indicator, be about to 1, 2, 3... , the packing combination of the different level with unit commerce of 8 ordinal cent admeasure.
(2) manufacturer identifying code is coded by Chinese article the center allocates.
(3) commodity project code is allocated by the enterprise.
(4) desired result be calculated by word of before 12 digit and get.
If the watch is shown 3 times,the code of the commodity of the different type that pack chooses plan.

The encode give typical examples of the commodity label code of the different type that pack sees a picture 15:

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