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Bar code manages medium solution in hematic station
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Of one problem put forward
Bar code is in blood member, the applied solution in blood bank management, main body on the management that to donating blood personnel reachs a blood bank now, be opposite especially blood member dog management.
1 blood member management
① blood member archives management
Build donate blood personnel file, the body circumstance of the member that master blood in time, donate blood the history, the distributinging circumstance of the member that understand special blood, so that be in,need can be supplied in time.
② blood member the body examination before donating blood
Blood transfusion can bring new lease of life to the person already, possible also because haemal quality is unture and make blood transfusion patient catchs new disease, cause death even. So, to blood member should have close check.
A: Blood member the B that register: Sanguification check C: Division of inside and outside is checked
2 collect blood
The member that send blood label of bag of a piece of blood, the hematic bag tab that uses after the full name of the member that there is blood on, blood transfusion and form of blank blood quantity. Ability of the member that hold the blood of label of this blood bag only collects blood, the quantity that collect blood is inputted by the doctor after collecting blood.
3 blood cost pays
Blood of financial department basis member the quantity that collect blood and the category that collect blood (complete blood, composition blood) cost of blood of the member that pay blood.
Traditional blood member management is put in a lot of problems, the general department that collect blood, have thousands of even tens of thousands of blood member, the archives of the member that search a blood with artificial method already take time fallible. Use computer management to prevent the happening of afore-mentioned problems effectively.
4 a blood bank manage
Blood bank management is labor of a repeatability, workload sex of big, responsibility is strong. Haemal put in storage, across matchs blood of blood, blood transfusion of component treatment, component, hair and inventory count to wait, requirement staff member is attentive and serious, cannot give error. With the computer management can prevent accident effectively to appear, alleviate nervous job status of the doctor.
① uses the member that bar code technology has blood, blood bank government, from go up at all the problem that in resolving government, exists.
② uses bar code information to input speed fast, dependability is advanced characteristic, solved the problem that a large number of information in running a course collect.
Archives of the member that ③ benefit has blood with the computer inquires processing quickly, can improve work efficiency greatly, save a large number of labor power.
④ uses bar code to operate the characteristic that learns easily simply, solved a doctor to handle the issue with difficult computer.
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