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Industry of old warehouse paper is long-distance storehouse management system
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Client introduction
Issue of trade of industry of old warehouse paper (Shanghai) limited company founds 1889, capital gold 1.9 billion yen, year business 250 billion yen, from course of study member nearly 1000, basically be engaged in the paper, vendition that changes finished product, chemical, paper machining a machine, presswork to use machine, synthetic resin to machine with machine, general affairs machine, industrial electric equipment machine, carry the business such as the vendition with job of machine, warehouse, parking lot course of study, book, magazine, stationery, smoke, sporting goods.

The ERP that use friend uses a case
Use the U8.61 that use friend, u8.70 upgrades after, use finance affairs and supply chain.

Current situation analysis
Old warehouse the company guides bar code system basically hopes to solve the paper that is set in Shanghai Song Jiang to taste the storehouse that rent the system is typed and library of objective pass in and out is abhorrent, and the problem that the reserve account fact that can bring about nots agree with, it is to hope to adopt bar code system and ERP system next compositive, raise the work efficiency of storehouse management and accuracy rate, especially old warehouse has some of product - paper value is fluctuant bigger, it is certain to have keep quality time, strict to batch government demand. System of compositive on existing ERP foundation bar code has standard government.
Storehouse and company are not to be in same area, need is solved on existing ERP foundation data conveys remotely and U8 collect is debatable.

Suit of the bar code that use friend uses a case
System of the 1, bar code that finish and U8.70 are not had seam compositive.
Data of system of the 2, bar code that finish is long-range solution, distribute system of storehouse bar code individually
With server of headquarters bar code at the same time communication, real time exchanges data, achieve all sorts of desired result
Hind, put the pass in and out of storehouse system of data synchronism U8 through server of headquarters bar code.
Pass in and out of the 3, storehouse that finish is put (purchase library of library of discrepancy of delivery of cargo from storage of put in storage, sale, allocate and transfer, other discrepancy) , check of commodity of check, work off, sample management.
4, support " entire package is torn open 0 " function
① label is printed
After download of system of storehouse bar code purchases order for goods mediumly to U8, mix according to circumstance of supplier deliver goods bar code label is printed after purchasing order circumstance to undertake comparing is opposite,
Undertake to the product exclusive serial number manages.
② routine
Label is printed finish, apply wireless real time to collect a technology to be opposite storehouse routine: Sample management - of sample send and receive put, storehouse is sent and receive put, the sale goes
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