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Surpass management of storehouse of product of division car emperor
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Inc. of science and technology of navigation of squares formed by crossed lines of Shenzhen city game has growing sex company most as China enterprise of high-tech of city of 100 strong, Shenzhen 50 strong, it is the trailblazer of domain of domestic GPS application, begin research and applied GPS technology from 94 years, have industry experience of 12 years. The company registers capital 60 million, of all kinds and professional elite is had below the banner more than 700, hit successfully make went out " the Che Sheng that surpass case " the golden word brand inside this GPS course of study. The company was established in the whole nation enclothe bead pond of ferry of trigonometry, long triangle, Beijing and China in the company of network of more than 20 chain of the area, establish " car emperor whole nation is allied " cover the throughout the country 89 large and medium-sized city, have operation of nearly 140 representatives to serve trader, in the whole nation more than 300 cities are offerred for the user serve in the net. The quality control with group of powerful research and development, strict support and good customer service system, the product has resided countrywide sales volume firmly 5 years continuously the first, include 4 years continuously " Shenzhen municipal government builds a project greatly again " , become the company of ethical science and technology that national emphasis backs.
As China the biggest GPS uses business of product manufacturer and Asia's biggest GPS network operation, the company reachs the level of QS9000 quality system strictly according to ISO9001, the standard produces each segment with management, product and service include to face home and abroad GPS/GSM (GPRS, CDMA) the car carries, operation of solution of individual terminal unit, of all kinds system and network of countrywide GPS chain, product type involves 5 kinds of big hardware such as subclass of network, project, individual, own navigation and car phone and its software product. Company user involves illicit home car, taxi, content to shed kind of car, guest freight traffic, special purpose vehicle, individual to wait for a variety of types, the motor-driven car that how already loaded a net at present exceeds 200 thousand, only Shenzhen service network exceeds 50 thousand into net user, rise as what flowing water of Chinese the people's livelihood makes the same score, "Serve for successful Chinese people " it is the goal that we can achieve certainly.

Product put in storage
When the product enters storehouse, by storehouse relevant personnel and product line personnel are used hold data to collect implement, direct scanning is relevant a form code on product box, collect data implement receive administrative software repeatedly, the bar code that the system goes to according to scanning, automatic computation goes out to pack an amount actually, collect with wireless data implement collect get offline the product is comparative, if agree, criterion the system allows to save, abhorrent if occupy,do not allow to save. Need new nucleus logarithm to occupy. After data is certain, enter server database to regard fittings put in storage as the basis.
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