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Safety of industrial gas gas cylinder and be on the move program of retail manag
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The setting of 1 project and necessity. 3
The setting of 1.1 projects. 3
1.2 industry gas cylinder is on the move the main problem that exists in the process. 4
1.3 plan achieve a goal. 5
2 technologies program. 6
The technical base of 2.1 projects. 6
The overall design thought of 2.2 projects. 7
The main content of 2.3 construction. 8
2.4 technologies program is summarized. 8
The label of bottle of 2.4.1 liquefied petroleum gases. 8
The label of 2.4.2 clients and management. 8
2.4.3 exercise handle the identifying of personnel and management. 9
2.4.4 systems are overall structure. 10
2.4.5 gas cylinder are filled install and be on the move exercise process introduces. 10
2.4.6 users change air current Cheng. 12
Brief introduction of 2.4.7 systems function. 13
2.4.8Portal application is integrated. 17
2.4.9 data communication transmits network plan. 17
2.4.10 patulous equipment choose a function. 18
2.4.11 brief summary. 18
The technical course that 2.5 projects carry out. 19
3 systems composition and function. 19
3.1RFID electron label or bar code. 19
3.2RFID electron label or bar code printer and electronic label or bar code make software. 20
3.3 hold facility. 20
3.4 small power are wireless communication module. 22
Safety of 3.5 industry air and retail management system (software) . 23
3.6 among system. 25
4 executive plans. 26
The setting of the project is mixed necessity
Purpose setting
Develop quickly as industry, industrial gas increases ceaselessly in our country in recent years, but be in at present industrial gas is retail / terminal market, put in a lot of problem, industrial gas is combustible, explode easily, toxic gas, of industrial gas cylinder reasonable use the security that reachs management to matter to life and belongings, processing is undeserved the significant loss that will cause irretrievable life and belongings, the asset of market of bottled industry gas and safe problem had posed a nation relevant section takes seriously.
For normative and bottled market, our country rolled out a series of processing measure. Be like: Company of gas of industry of steel bottle classify is mandatory, unified examine; Raise management admittance threshold, put an end to without according to manage; Strict job sheds management, strengthen safety administration to wait a moment. These measure brought a lot of profit for normative market undoubtedly, but the proportion that factitious element still holds in management is larger.
How to use high-tech method, the safety administration that strengthens the market, market supplies government, reduce operation cost, make each measure of the enterprise can get truly effective execution, enhance administrative strength, it is the problem that is badly in need of be being solved mainly.
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