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Brewery storehouse executes wireless storage bar code to manage a solution
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At present the solution already was carried out in this client place finish, acquire each other reputably, improved storage management efficiency greatly. Z-2060 WinCE data collects implemental sheet hand to operate character and the ability that prevent collision, platform of use WINCE.NET5.0 work, CPU provides 520Mhz to handle exercise order quickly, had IEEE802.11b of Wi-Fi wireless network and Bluetooth communication module at the same time, it is current substance sheds a product that reachs storage industry to have competition ability most.
Current, a lot of enterprises encounter many troublesome troubles when storage management, reduced administrative efficiency not only, the administrative cost of high specified number also cannot be reduced temporarily. These cause the cause with administrative low efficiency, baconian come out, main report is as follows:
1) exercise of not complete, spot must depend on information of kinds or types of goods to be judged artificially;
2) a form code government that has a supplier without appropriate tool;
3) the record that lacks Date Code, Lot No;
4) lack store manage a mechanism;
5) the exercise that choose goods cannot odd processing, lack store how-to;
6) body of each exercise window cannot consult in time;
7) insert sheet to cannot be handled in time to business, easy create the information conflict between the unit;
8) cannot automation reminds client shipment requirement and note;
9) existing ERP system lacks partial data store or storage government mechanism;
10) check mechanism has partition and circular check not quite perfectly, hard.

Z-2060 WinCE data is collected implement can solve above completely to create the problem with the low efficiency on enterprise storage management from the technology not only, still work from the machine when set out actually, it is with the person this, elaborative on the design of the exterior, the drill when making handlers is using this machine accuses freely. Collect for Z-2060 WinCE data below implement the characteristic that offers handlers to design:
1) think sheet holds grasped human body class to learn to design;
2) grasp when running an operation, do not need to avoid equipment to slide with finger burke;
3) the design that human body labour learns makes machine noumenon weight is finished stick add at the centre of the palm;
4) complementary secure with loincloth of palmar degree of tightness, unusual convenient and easy to use does not have a burden when the operation;
5) use engine of decipher of tall efficiency bar code;
6) platform of exercise of WinCE open type, the software development tool of research and development of proper motion of tie-in ZEBEX company- - " Power Pack " , more the applied process that the person that aggrandizement is used plants in industry of different job state, form compatibility is better, offer have SDK software development kit.
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