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Ability of subfamily of A heart benefit is wireless solution of medical treatmen
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In last few years the reform of system of domestic medical treatment and the occurrence with detached medicine, the competition between the hospital is more intense also, accordingly, domestic major hospital used hospital information system to enhance competition ability of efficiency, promotion, the primary deploy of informatization was finished on certain level. The core of informatization of modern medical treatment is patient letter
Of breath share, include a hospital between each section office, between the hospital, even the information that wait shares insurance of hospital and community, medical treatment, wholesome service, be changed without paper with what the database realizes patient information for the center and turn office without film, these advanced informatization demand from go up objectively the requirement that raised pair of support networks. In addition, as a result of the characteristic of medical treatment industry, cure is protected need is often between personnel and ill patient inside the courtyard the mobile examination, information content that handles at the same time is big and the patient is right the sensitivity of time seeing a doctor, these ask the network has removability, transmission rate advanced characteristic. Consider the addition as hospital portfolio at the same time, network need put apart is enough enlarge allows a space, apparent authentic wall wears these demand that increase newly the traditional and wired network of the line already cannot be satisfied.
Ability of subfamily of A heart benefit uses technology of wireless and meshy net (Wireless Mesh) , developed include golden shuttle MSR1000, golden shuttle MSR2000, the road of wireless broadband network of the whole set such as golden shuttle MSR4000 and NMS1000 is mixed by equipment administrative system, the application that is aimed at medical treatment industry formed complete wireless broadband to enclothe a solution, make " nowhere is not in wireless broadband network, when notting have, be absent " good will becomes reality. The mobile sex that the place of solution of system of wireless medical treatment that ability of subfamily of A heart benefit provides has, flexibility and Gao Ke rely on a gender, those who make hospital deploy special or proprietary informatization application becomes a possibility.
Specific application introduces:
1, wireless HIS
Network of Mesh of A De Liya manages to HIS(hospital information) system, PACS(is video file with communication) of the system prop up, it is the hospital is the most important in wireless network application. Wireless HIS system included typical multimedia application, it includes to delimit odd, medicaments collects fees already, the memory of information of simple character data such as inventory and transmit, also include B to exceed lens of mating plate of photograph, X, antrum the assay such as servy record, angiography and the multimedia that examine data of data information deliver quickly.
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